Fair Pay Navigator

Stop Pay Inequity Before it Starts

Endlessly finding & fixing pay disparities?

Businesses trying to resolve unlawful pay gaps annually or quarterly see those problems return again and again. Remediation budgets skyrocket and compliance becomes a constant concern. Why? Because new hire offers are based on external market rates and are influenced by negotiation and discretion. Hiring managers, recruiters, and even compensation specialists can't see what's internally fair and equitable when trying to set starting pay. Bias creeps in and equity erodes with every hire. Until now.

Get compensation right — from day one

The Fair Pay Navigator provides insights and recommendations to help you set starting salaries that are both fair and competitive. Stop pay inequity before it starts.

Market Rates + Fair Pay
Syndio’s predicted "fair pay" range next to your market ranges, so you can balance competitive hiring goals and fair pay outcomes.

Interactive Salary Trends
See current salaries for recent hires and employees doing similar work. Filter to identify compensation trends by location, pay factors, managers, and more.

Predictive Pay Equity Insights
Calculate the predicted impact of salaries on equity status to stay in compliance, reduce remediation fees, and secure top talent. Predict problems; plan solutions. 

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“Fair pay is a promise we make to every employee, and Syndio helps us keep that promise. With Fair Pay Navigator, we have the analysis, trusted data, and predictive insights to make sure every employee is paid fairly from day one.” -  Connie Kielty, VP of Compensation, North America, QBE

“If you rely only on market rates and human discretion to set starting pay, you’re missing a major piece of the puzzle: what’s internally equitable. Syndio’s Fair Pay Navigator shows us what’s competitive and fair from day one. That’s a game changer. It not only reduces or eliminates remediation and stops compliance issues before they can start, but it’s the right thing to do for employees.” - Frank Stoos, Director, Executive Compensation, TE Connectivity


Eliminate remediation fees by preventing pay disparities

Reduce legal risk by being in compliance every day, not once a year

Build your brand as a leader who ensures fair pay from day one

Syndio’s mission is to empower employers to eradicate unlawful pay disparities due to gender, race and ethnicity and make ongoing compensation decisions informed by fairness and equity data. Syndio customers reduce legal risk, save millions in ongoing remediation, and create a positive brand reputation, which helps attract and retain top talent and drives engagement at every level of the business.