Managing Pay Equity in Uncertain Times

Equal Pay Day is March 31, and we are in unprecedented times. But this doesn’t mean we should take our foot off the gas in driving awareness and resolution of unfair pay inequities. In fact, keeping pay equity front and center is even more important in the face of uncertainty.
The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing many companies to make dramatic shifts in their workplace - either through cost-cutting measures like layoffs, or through mass hiring for companies seeing increased business demand.
In either case, it’s critical to keep watch over how these changes affect pay equity, so that you don’t create even more business risk.

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April 2nd, 2020      10:00-11:00 am PT

Join Maria Colacurcio, Syndio CEO and Rob Porcarelli, CLO for a discussion, including: 

  • When organizations cut positions rather than evaluate individual workers, they end up with immediate drops in the proportion of underrepresented populations.
  • While adverse impact analyses are often conducted during a reduction in workforce (and are critical), companies also need to consider pay equity for the workforce that remains. 
  • Women are often given additional responsibility without extra compensation. How can companies ensure pay remains equitable without disparities due to gender or race?
  • The importance of managing WFHWK (working from home with kids) and how this environment impacts women and increases the motherhood penalty over the long term. 

Every attendee will also receive a PDF with observations, survey results and best practices for managing pay equity during this volatile time. 


Maria Colacurcio



Rob Porcarelli