How to Reduce Legal Risk Through Pay Fairness in Hospitality

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April 29      10:00 am PT

In volatile economic times, costly and time-consuming employment litigation tends to spike, which can harm your brand and make it harder to run daily operations.  In the restaurant and hospitality industries, high turnover, threats of outside employee representation and other factors create the perfect storm for possible litigation when the economic environment sours. 

Ensuring that employees are paid fairly and equitably under applicable state and federal laws not only mitigates costly litigation exposure, but may also have a 16 times more powerful effect than paying higher market wages when it comes to keeping employees engaged and morale lifted.

Attend this 50 min webinar with  Zev Eigen, J.D. Ph.D, to learn:

  • How pay equity software enables companies to conduct adverse impact analyses to ensure layoffs are not creating legal risk
  • Pay equity strategies to increase positive employee sentiment and a sense of goodwill toward the employer -- even in bad times 
  • Why ongoing pay equity analyses are important to reduce legal exposure in times of economic volatility and 
  • How transparent pay practices can create brand loyalty from employees and customers.

Dr. Zev J. Eigen