Syndio and the London Stock Exchange Help Companies Define, Measure, and Deliver the ‘S’ in ESG

| March 9, 2023 | 2 min read
Syndio and the London Stock Exchange help companies define, measure, and deliver the 'S' in ESG

Today, Syndio is pleased to join the London Stock Exchange Issuer Services Marketplace to help LSE-listed companies quantitatively define the ‘S’ in ESG — and then measure and deliver it. This is an excellent opportunity for all these companies and for Syndio.

This  isn’t just about ticking a few boxes for compliance reporting on pay equity. The LSE + Syndio collaboration helps listed companies identify and tackle the roadblocks to true workplace equity with substantive and powerful measurement and action capabilities —  that, until now, were absent from a muddled ‘S’ in ESG conversation.

Where workplace equity is concerned, it is clear that stakeholders, especially customers, and employees, want companies to act. Second, the investment community, while engaged in a robust discussion about the benefits to portfolios in the short term, is aligned that the most durable businesses are the ones that put workplace equity at the center.  The latest research from McKinsey, analyzing 1,800 companies across 15 countries identified a strong bond between the development of people and financial performance. 

In a time of incredible global volatility and uncertainty, committing to workplace equity strengthens relationships and builds trust with employees. As the Covid-19 pandemic receded, the reawakening of expectations of social fairness, combined with geo-political drama as well as both soaring inflation and economic malaise, has given birth to employees’ demands for pay transparency and equal opportunities as concrete proof of an employer’s values.

Syndio’s value proposition is that we help companies measure workplace equity, set real benchmarks, and prove they value people for who they are and the contributions they bring, without bias.

To us, that’s good business as well as good ethical practice. Whether companies use those metrics for ESG reporting, to comply with new laws/regulations, to tout their progress with their people, or to just quietly go about running a more equitable company — it doesn’t really matter, because it’s ultimately better (and fairer) for everyone.

Explore Syndio’s London Stock Exchange Marketplace profile at the link below.


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