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Build truly equitable workplaces that hire, promote, and compensate employees without bias

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The Syndio difference

The old way:

The new way:

Narrow, retroactive scope

Looks back at workplace equity once per year to find and fix issues, allowing disparities to crop up and grow throughout the year

Comprehensive and embedded

Proactively embeds fairness into all workforce decisions and policies to mitigate issues before they crop up and grow

Locked away

Avoids transparency and keeps employees and the public in the dark


Educates stakeholders on results and solutions to build positive brand reputation, earn trust with investors, and make sure employees feel engaged and valued


Manual, error prone, subject to data breach, and requires data science skills, legal expertise, and lots of time that most HR teams don't have

Puts HR teams in control

Puts more control in the hands of HR teams with easy-to-use technology and proven methodologies built by industry experts

Syndio was named to Fortune’s 2023 Change the World list at #20. Read more >

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Top Impact Company

Ventana Research Award Finalist

Ventana Research

Digital Innovation Award for Human Capital Management

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Number 126 on Deloitte's Technology Fast 500™

A few reasons why HR, Total Rewards, and Talent Management leaders choose Syndio

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Analyze pay equity in seconds

Instantly identify pay disparities due to gender, race, and more — as well as intersectionalities

Learn why pay equity software is a prime area of focus for digital transformation in HR

Sustain fair pay — every day

Get fair salary recommendations for new hires and current employees and proactively analyze pay changes to stop pay changes before they start.


Instantly see representation

Know where you stand on diversity at every level of your business — and identify the root causes of your pay gaps.

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Disclose with ease

Deliver current metrics for SEC human capital disclosures and enhance social metrics for ESG and people sustainability reports.

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Comply with regulations

Comply with global pay equity global regulations and pay gap reporting requirements.

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Predict & accelerate progress

Use predictive insights to forecast when you'll hit your diversity goals and to speed up progress.

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Find/address opportunity gaps

Uncover bias and mitigate risk by analyzing hiring, promotion, and retention rates for all workers.


Remediate pay gaps to the penny

Use recommended remediation amounts and customizable budgeting to resolve pay disparities.


Build trust — with everyone

Prove your commitment to opportunity equity, diversity, and fair pay with ongoing analysis and measurable results.

Trusted by leaders in...


"What [Syndio is] doing — which is very pioneering — is giving leaders and HR departments near real-time data on the equity implications of every pay, reward, hiring, and promotion decision."
Josh Bersin, Global HR Industry and Tech Analyst

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"After two years of using Syndio, we have no more statistical pay gaps based on race, gender, or age. Syndio has helped us achieve this outcome."
Senior Director, Total Rewards

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Talent management & analytics

"I can use Syndio data & visualizations to help managers and leadership see the impact of every pay policy, promotion policy, and hiring policy, and help them make better decisions around pay."
Anissa Lindgren, Director of Compensation, Benefits & Talent Analytics

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