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Why PayEQ?

Unlike a point-in-time analysis, the patent-pending PayEQ SaaS platform provides an always-on view of pay equity and real-time insights that guide fair pay decisions. With PayEQ, go from fixing pay issues to monitoring and preventing them.

Analyze Pay Equity

  • Analyze everything with a few clicks (base, bonus, stock;
    gender, race, ethnicity)
  • Identify pay disparities in minutes not months
  • Mitigate risk using a proven methodology

Resolve Pay Disparities

  • Forecast impact of budget choices
  • Remediate using rules-based budgeting
  • Share results with 1-click reporting

Methodology you can

“We retained an expert third party, Syndio, to audit our U.S. pay data and ensure that we are applying appropriate and accepted methods and standards.”

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Platform that puts you in

“Working with external counsel is lengthy and expensive — having software in-house allows you to keep your finger on your pulse without unnecessary expense.”

- Jodi Newton,
Sr. Dir. Compensation


Solutions for lasting

“Syndio enables a much more continuous view of pay equity analysis throughout the year, and the ability to understand the impact of proposed change in real-time.”

- Lauren Jackman,

Not all equity solutions are equal

Interested in a dynamic pay equity analysis? Concerned about data security? Curious about how the right tool can help you impact workplace fairness? You have questions, we have answers. Make sure you know what you're getting when selecting a solution for your organization check out the Side-by-Side Performance Analysis to learn how different pay equity software solutions stack up.

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