Powering pay equity analysis solutions with fast and dynamic software that enables effortless measurement and remediation planning to ensure lasting fair pay.

New! Introducing PayEQ Pay Finder

PayEQ Pay Finder eliminates bias in every compensation decision and stops inequities before they start.



When it comes to pay equity, the numbers don’t lie—no one deserves to be paid cents on the dollar. PayEQ’s dynamic analysis takes care of the analytics horsepower to empower HR leaders to focus their time on solutions.



Transparency drives change, transforms culture, and puts leaders in the driver's seat of their company’s future. PayEQ software can help cultivate a workplace that works for everyone.

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There’s no need to say goodbye to high performers. When employees are treated fairly and paid equally, productivity increases and everyone benefits.

Not All Equity Solutions Are Equal

Interested in a dynamic pay equity analysis? Concerned about data-security? Curious about how the right tool can help you impact workplace fairness? You have questions, we have answers. Make sure you know what you’re getting when selecting a solution for your organization—check out the Side-by-Side Performance Analysis to learn how different pay equity software solutions stack up.

PayEQ: Analyze

  • Syndio runs multivariate regression analyses, median tests and cohort analysis in minutes (vs months with the billable guys)
  • Flexible configuration options to fit your organizational structure and groupings like tenure, experience, performance and geography
  • Instant results that apply Syndio’s industry leading methodology using data science and AI. This level of sophistication can’t be achieved from spreadsheets or basic reports
A chart of pay gap analysis.

PayEQ: Resolve

  • Identify the degree to which your pay practices are fair and unbiased by gender or race
  • Easily interpret results and address disparities with the Budget to Fix feature
  • Make compensation adjustments directly and review results immediately with the interactive dashboard
  • Identify outliers or individuals incorrectly included in groupings

PayEQ: Monitor

  • Don’t fix symptoms, fix pay gap problems for good. Identify underlying policies and behaviors leading to disparities
  • Leverage the Pay Range Calculator for your new hires, promotions and transfers to set pay that won’t negatively impact pay equity
  • With PayEQ’s one-click reporting feature, you have immediate access to the results you need to prepare executive reports and communications
  • We arm you with key outcomes after applying industry-proven methodology driven by technology that removes the cost, time and burden of a lengthy consulting engagement

“Our mission at NerdWallet is to provide clarity for all of life's financial decisions. We want to help our users to feel confident about the decisions they are making. Similarly, we want our employees — or Nerds as we call them — to feel confident that we approach compensation in a fair and equitable way. Pay equality is critically important and we're excited to join this commitment to equal pay standards with Syndio and the National Women's Law Center.”

Florence Thinh Chialtas — VP of people operations, NerdWallet

“When you pay fairly, you send a powerful message to your current team, your potential employees, and your customers: you care about something bigger and you’re willing to make changes to reflect those values. We depend on Syndio as part of our ongoing commitment to fair pay at Match Group.”

Lisa Nelson — CHRO, Match Group

“As a global creative collective renowned for our infectious storytelling, we compete for the most talented people around the world. We recognize the importance of pay equality as a critical commitment in our overall people strategy. We partnered with Syndio because we recognize them as the most qualified partner to provide us with the most sophisticated pay equity product on the market. They have an A-list team and product!”

Michele Prota — Global Chief Talent Officer, Frosman & Bodenfors

“Medallia recently invested in Syndio, a leading platform for pay equity analysis. This tool allows Medallia to operationalize pay equity analysis, embedding the review into our compensation adjustment and promotion cycle processes. Syndio also enables a much more continuous view of pay equity analysis throughout the year, and the ability to understand the impact of proposed changes in real time.”

Lauren Jackman — Inclusion - People & Culture, Medallia


We know you are serious about pay equity. (We are too.) Give us 20 minutes and we will show you PayEQ, the best way to ensure equal pay for equal work.