Review research and best practices from leaders in pay equity and Syndio domain experts to ensure you’re taking the right actions for lasting fair pay in your organization.



SEPT 22, 2020

5 Steps to Analyze Pay Equity in the Insurance Industry
Insurance companies are getting serious about pay equity based on gender and race—and for good reasons. One: it’s the law. Two: it’s good for business. Three: it’s the right thing to do.


OCT 28, 2020

9am PT / 12pm ET

Episode 4: Creating Transparency For Pay Policies & How It Creates Accountability
In this episode of Fairness at Work, Syndio CEO Maria Colacurcio, along with two guest panelists, will explore the controversial nature of pay transparency, what it actually means, and how it creates a layer of accountability that makes organizations better.

SEPT 29, 2020

9am PT / 12pm ET

EPISODE 3: Preventing Pay Equity Erosion in a COVID World
In this episode of Fairness at Work, Syndio CEO Maria Colacurcio, along with Lisen Stromberg (CEO and Founder, PrismWork) and Craig Sawyer (Professor & Director, Corley Institute for Diversity & Inclusion Education, Antonin Scalia Law School, George Mason University), discuss the urgent need to slow the backslide around pay equity due to the COVID pandemic.

AUG 26, 2020

9am PT / 12pm ET

EPISODE 2: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion In this episode of Fairness at Work, Syndio CEO Maria Colacurcio, along with Lionel Lee (Head of Diversity Engagement at Zillow Group) and Kim Vu (Global Head of Diversity, Equity + Inclusion at Remitly), will discuss how The Black Lives Matter movement has again brought DE&I front and center for many company leaders.

JUL 22, 2020

EPISODE 1: FAIRNESS IN THE REMOTE WORKPLACE In our first episode of Fairness at Work, Syndio CEO Maria Colacurcio, along with Brandon Gordon (Director of HR, NerdWallet) and Christina Hall (Strategic People Leader & Team Builder), will discuss maintaining pay equity in the new age of the remote workplace...


OCT 22, 2020

BOARDROOM PREP: HOW TO DISCUSS PAY EQUITY TRENDS & RESULTS: Boards of Directors are paying closer attention to pay equity as part of the movement to expand the scope of social responsibility reporting. Are you prepared to discuss pay equity strategy and trends? More importantly, is your company prepared to discuss actions taken?

APR 29, 2020

HOW TO REDUCE LEGAL RISK THROUGH PAY FAIRNESS IN HOSPITALITY: In volatile economic times, costly and time-consuming employment litigation tends to spike, which can harm your brand and make it harder to run daily operations.  In the restaurant and hospitality industries, high turnover, threats of outside employee representation and other factors create the perfect storm for possible litigation when the economic environment sours.

APR 21, 2020

MASSACHUSETTS EMPLOYERS: DO THESE 3 THINGS NOW TO WEATHER THE COVID-19 STORM AND COME OUT ON TOP: Join us as we discuss compensation and compliance for Massachusetts employers.

APR 8, 2020

PAY EQUITY FOR THE HEALTHCARE INDUSTRY: Research shows pay gaps in healthcare can be wide with some healthcare occupations paying women only $0.67 to the man's dollar.  Join Katie Bardaro, VP Analytics and Advice at Syndio and Lindsay Wiggins, Director - Rewards at Willis Towers Watson for this free webinar.

FEB 5, 2020

THE STATE OF PAY EQUITY: This virtual event will focus on issues relating to pay equity and pay gaps.  Pay equity issues in today\'s diverse workforce have gained increased prominence both inside and outside the HR function over the last few years. Gender-related issues have gained special prominence due to the #metoo movement and the highly publicized lawsuit around pay equity brought by the US women\'s soccer team.

NOV 13, 2019

5 STRATEGIES TO SUCCESSFULLY ADVANCE WOMEN TO LEADERSHIP: Join us for a FREE webinar to hear directly from Wall Street veteran Anne Greenwood. Anne spoke with leaders at over 70 companies through her role on the Pax Ellevate team and learned how these companies are successfully advancing women -- and achieving real results...

OCT 1, 2019


WORLD AT WORK CONFERENCE - WEBINAR: How Nordstrom and Match Group Implemented an Iterative Approach to pay equity using the Syndio Pay Equity software

AUG 13, 2019

TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS TO ADDRESS NEW YORK'S PAY EQUITY ACT: We build applications that empower organizations to hire, promote, and pay people fairly. We’d like to share with you how that’s possible. 

JUL 23, 2019

Technology solutions to Address Colorado's equal pay act: Do you have the tools in place to comply with Colorado's new Equal Pay for Equal Work Act? 


MAY 28, 2020




THE RIVETER: ASK ME ANYTHING WITH MARIA COLACURCIO: Join us for a virtual sit down with Syndio's CEO, Maria Colacurcio. Syndio Solutions published findings and key takeaways from a recent Workload Impact Survey that indicates the COVID-19 crisis may increase the gender pay gap and decrease diversity in the workplace. We'll dive into the learnings of this survey and the story it tells. We'll also discuss pay equity, and cover the importance of equitable leadership in today's climate. ZOOM PASSWORD: 6z*ola^E

MAR 14-15, 2020


SXSW PITCH: The 12th annual SXSW Pitch Presented by Target Accelerator features 50 interactive technology companies in 10 different categories.

Live pitch competitions presenting the future of technology are one of the most exciting elements of what happens in Austin each March at SXSW. While we were unfortunately not able to provide an interactive forum to showcase all the great startups this season due to the event’s cancellation in by the City of Austin in March, we are excited to share presentation decks from the 2020 Finalists and Alternates from SXSW Pitch 2020.

OCT 7-9, 2019

GEEKWIRE SUMMIT & ELEVATOR PITCH FINALS - SEATTLE, WA: Explore the future of AI, health tech, transportation, privacy and more. Also, watch the Elevator Pitch Finals: four finalists have 32 seconds to travel from the ground floor to the top of Smith Tower to try to sell their idea to a judge.


One certification. Pay Equity for all. 

Unlawful pay disparities based on gender, race and ethnicity remain commonplace and are expected to persist for the next 200 years without meaningful intervention. Syndio is proud to be partnering with The Fair Pay Workplace Alliance to take action. 

Fair Pay Workplace is a transparent pay equity standard and certification program providing the decisive measures necessary to enable real progress towards fair pay in today's workplaces.