Time to Listen

| June 1, 2020 | 2 min read
How to tackle inequality at work

Syndio exists to ensure fairness at work. Our mission is clear: to help employers eradicate unlawful pay disparities based on gender and/or race. We spend our time thinking about inequality at work every day at Syndio, but often through a lens of pay, and often in the context of gender. 

Today though, we are focusing on the broader, life and death treatment of Black America. Black lives matter, and it’s up to everyone in a position of privilege to change the system.


Step back and listen to Black leaders about racial inequality at work

As a white woman, I have many privileges that are not afforded to people of color. And as a white mother of young boys, I have even more privilege, moving through parenting unencumbered by the necessary precautions and legitimate fears that mothers of Black children live with daily. These injustices are not new. 

As a CEO, I’m used to knowing what to do next. But the murder of George Floyd and the subsequent and valid outrage across our country leaves me — and many of my white friends — wondering what to do next. So today I’m looking to the leaders who have been showing up and doing this work for decades, and I want to use our platform to share their words with you.

We’re listening to Black voices, learning, and acting on their recommendations. Barack Obama’s Medium post today, entitled, How to Make this Moment a Turning Point for Real Change, gave me hope. He included this link to a dedicated site at the Obama Foundation with resources and organizations. Other great sources include http://kristinaashleywilliams.com/justice with links to resources and definitions and https://www.ibramxkendi.com/.

We hear the voices of our black and brown communities. These injustices are not new, and it is clear more work is needed. We are learning, reflecting and acting. Syndio is committed to fighting systemic racism and will use our platform to make a difference.

Syndio pledges to help employers elevate DEI programs and initiatives, analyze the intersectionality of race and gender inequality at work, and communicate progress on broader commitments to ending racism and hate. It is our responsibility to dismantle systems that hold people back. It is up to everyone in a position of privilege to change the system.

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