Demystifying Pay Equity

Demystifying Pay Equity What Really Works with Josh Bersin

In a turbulent labor market, organizations have been struggling to recruit and retain talent. Many have been throwing money at the problem, without success.

What many companies are missing is a critical element in employee engagement and retention: pay equity. In his latest report, global industry analyst Josh Bersin explains why paying fairly is more important than paying more, and details what companies get wrong - and right.

Read the report to learn how pay equity can help you improve the experience of your employees as well as achieve your financial goals 
and increase customer satisfaction.

In this report, you'll learn:

  • How American Airlines and Salesforce developed and executed their successful pay equity strategies
  • The five essential elements of pay equity
  • How to develop a systematic approach to pay equity
  • Why you need to develop a cross-functional team to address pay equity

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