Selecting a pay equity solution

Selecting a Pay Equity Solution
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Time & Speed
How long will it take to see results?
Real-time insights that guide equal pay decisions. Often 12-16 weeks, or more. Timing depends on workload and hours in the day.
Grouping Schemas
How many are included?
As many as needed. Most clients have multiple schemas, like analyzing by Job Family Group or Business Unit. Often 1 per analysis.
Data Updates and Flexibility
What if the workforce changes? How is unexpected data handled?
Load new or updated data at multiple inflection points (i.e., quarterly, acquisitions, lay-offs, promotions, complaint investigations, OFCCP audits, mid-cycle, etc.) and can edit data within the platform on the fly. Difficult and time consuming. No ability to truly analyze pay real-time with promotion or new hires.
Number of Analyses
How often can pay equity be measured?
Unlimited and ongoing — throughout the year and at key inflection points. Might be a once per year, one and done approach.
Protected Categories
Which protected categories can you analyze?
Can easily bring in multiple protected classes to analyze (examples: gender, race/ethnicity, intersectional views, veteran status, sexual orientation, and more) that is customizable by country at no additional cost. Often focused just on race/ethnicity and gender.
Compensation Components
Which compensation components can you analyze?
Easily analyze and toggle through all of your different compensation data (base, bonus, incentives, equity, commissions, total compensation, etc.) at no additional cost. Often additional costs to analyze additional compensation components.
Can clients conduct multiple diagnostic tests and run many reports?
Included. Diagnostic tests for high influencers, composites, and more. Support currency conversion, applied budgets, predicted pay reports, and more. Sometimes.
Can clients conduct multiple diagnostic tests and run many reports?
Reporting on any of the analysis and results is made simple and effective. Intuitive dashboard. If you want to download, PayEQ's reporting is configurable, meaning whatever information you want to take out of the system you can (with the ability to limit downloading for data security purposes in Admin Center). Most analytics and visualizations can be downloaded individually, and overall reporting of results can be exported out of the system into PowerPoint in seconds. Cumbersome and time consuming.
Root Cause Analyses
Can clients identify root causes of inequity?
Analysis populated alongside results. PayEQ Pay Policy Analytics makes it easy to analyze, explain, and improve pay policies and find root causes of inequity. Limited and time consuming and often is considered a side-project at a higher rate. Level of depth of the deeper dive depends on the vendor. Labor economists do very little in terms of follow up reviews or pay policy analytics.
Prevent Pay Disparities
Can clients eliminate biased pay decisions from the onset?
Stop pay inequities before they start. PayEQ Pay FinderTM provides real-time fair pay insights to guide pay decisions for new hires. No ability to truly analyze pay real-time with promotion decisions or new hires.
Customized Remediation
Can clients resolve statistically significant pay gaps?
Correct significant pay gaps. PayEQ's rule-based budgeting tool recommends pay adjustments for impacted employees to ensure gaps are resolved. Some offer a one-size fits all remediation option often focused on low outliers.
Can you maintain Attorney-Client privilege?
Yes, easy to maintain following standard A/C privilege protocols. Yes, easy to maintain following standard A/C privilege protocols.
Where is data and analysis results stored?
Highly-secured cloud environment (GCP). Commonly downloaded to local computers and/or statistical programs and transferred between customer, law firm, and vendor.
Expert Consulting & Support
Recommendations and best practices?
Dedicated and included. Committed customer success manager plus partner with experts at every stage of the pay equity journey. Billed per hour.

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