How to Train Your Managers to Discuss Pay Transparency

Aired on May 19, 2023 | 1 hour

Anne Oleson Headshot

Ann Oleson

Director of Global Compensation at Match Group

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Stacey Rapacki headshot

Stacey Rapacki

VP of Compensation Strategy at Northwell Health

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Nancy Romanyshyn headshot

Nancy Romanyshyn

Senior Director of Total Rewards Strategy & Solutions at Syndio

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The pay transparency era has arrived, and with it, a new and urgent requirement for every employer: pay explainability.

Now that salary ranges, and in some cases pay gap reports, are public, employees are learning their salaries in relation to their peers. And they’re asking their managers tough questions about pay that leadership is largely unprepared to answer. That is where pay explainability comes in. Managers need to be prepared to skillfully answer questions that arise and clearly communicate how the organization determines pay and how it is applied to individual employees.

Hear from the experts as they explain how to train managers how to clearly and effectively communicate about pay.

Watch now to learn how to:

  • Train hiring managers and your HR teams on your pay policies and practices
  • Provide talking points and guidance to managers for salary conversations with their teams
  • Future-proof your pay equity strategy in light of changing laws and regulations
  • Build trust with your employees through a clear and consistent narrative

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