Act fast to mitigate brand damage

Pay equity complaints and crises happen. Leaders are ready.

No business can afford brand damage from pay equity complaints, lawsuits, or even employees sharing salary data that misrepresents pay at your company. PayEQ puts you on the fast track to solve pay equity issues, provides real-time answers for any pay equity question or complaint, and proves you're committed to getting pay equity right.

Take control of the pay equity conversation


Answers now

Analyze pay in minutes (not months) and maintain an always-on view to immediately respond to questions


Sophisticated platform

Use a proven SaaS platform to send the message that you take pay equity seriously

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Ongoing prevention

Upgrade your approach to pay equity by preventing issues, and lead the way in fair pay

  • Respond immediately to brand-damaging claims
  • Avoid lawsuits with timely answers to any pay equity question
  • Showcase your commitment to pay equity with tangible actions
  • Mitigate future risk by preventing pay inequity

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