Prevent pay inequity from day one

Fixing pay disparities after the fact is costly, risky, and impacts your employer brand. There's a better way.

Historically, companies had no choice but to wait until pay disparities formed before they could find and fix them. PayEQ offers a new approach with ongoing pay equity analysis and real-time insights that guide every pay decision. This ensures you can sustain pay equity in the long term and stop issues before they start.

Stop pay inequity before it starts with a platform optimized for prevention.

Icon_proactive planning

Proactive planning

Forecast the impact of pay changes, like annual merit adjustments, and make proactive corrections 


Equitable pay

Use Syndio's Pay Finder to determine salaries that are equitable and competitive for every new hire, promotion, and transfer

Icon_root cause analysis

Root cause analysis

Identify and address the root cause of pay disparities at the department, policy, or manager level

Fair remuneration — rewarding our employees fairly and supporting gender equity through regular analysis, monitoring and transparent communications — is already a core tenet for QBE. Syndio makes this process easier by leveraging technology to help further remove bias from pay decisions and ensuring all employees are paid fairly from day one."

- Connie Kielty, VP of Compensation, North America, QBE

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