Pay Policy Analytics

Three people investigating data to illustrate using Syndio's Pay Policy Analytics software to uncover root causes of pay inequity.

Are your pay policies effective, compliant & fair?

You need to pay employees fairly and motivate the right behaviors. Your business probably has pay policies - factors like tenure, experience, location, or performance scores - that are intended to make sure you're doing so. However, if you are like most teams, you have no visibility into whether your policies are working the way you intend, or if other factors (like gender or race) are influencing pay as well. Without this information, you might believe you're compensating employees fairly, intentionally, and consistently, but are you?

Motivate the right behaviors, prevent inequity, and build trust by understanding what really drives compensation

A person holding a magnifying glass up to data to illustrate using Syndio's Pay Policy Analytics software to uncover root causes of pay inequity.

Pay Policy Analytics is a patent-pending software solution that holds up a mirror to your pay policies. The software gives you a precise and always-on view of how pay policies, gender or race, and random noise - for every group and the company as a whole - are impacting compensation.

Analyze & explain pay policies' impact on pay


    • Quantify how much each pay policy impacts pay overall and by group


    • Identify hidden or unintentional drivers of pay differences (like gender or race)


    • Share this information with leadership, managers or even employees



Pinpoint root causes of inequity at the policy level


    • Quantify how much gender or race is impacting differences in compensation


    • Learn if any pay policies benefit one gender more than another for every group


    • Provide empirical evidence leading to change


Evaluate & improve pay equity models


    • Quantify unexplained variance


    • Discover unapplied policies driving differences in pay


    • Identify the impact of your pay policies on different groups of employees



Pay Policy Analytics provides a precise, always-on view of the impact individual pay policies have on compensation. As part of our ongoing commitment to fair pay, we want to be intentional, measured, and consistent in how we apply our pay policies. This tool can help drive conversations and provide insights that would otherwise be difficult to come by."

-Major Retailer



Achieve HR goals

by paying for the right behaviors

Icon_prevent inequity

Prevent inequity

by finding and fixing policy-level bias


Build employer brand and trust

by proving you pay for what you say

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