The 'S' in ESG: What, Why, and How

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What is the 'S'?

There are many ways to define the 'S,' but it's ultimately about a company's impact on people.

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Relationships with people and institutions1

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Employee, customer, and community interactions and impact2

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Outcomes for all stakeholders (not just shareholders)3

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"What is an organization doing to improve lives?"4

51% of investors found the 'S' to be the most challenging ESG element to assess and use in investment strategies.

How to quantify the 'S' with workplace equity metrics

92% of ratings for social metrics focused on measuring company efforts and activities — not outcomes or impact.

Workplace equity metrics demonstrate actual progress towards equitable employment outcomes, such as equity in:


Access to higher-paying roles

Starting pay (including equity/stock, as well as sign-on bonuses)



Employee engagement

Performance scores

Promotion rates at every level

Retention rates at every level

Reporting on the 'S' can become a business advantage

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financial performance

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Companies that disclose they've conducted a pay equity analysis report nearly 8% higher mean five-year Return-on-Equity.

Companies that disclose representation by job group tend to see higher returns.

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78% of respondents put "brand name and reputation" at the top of the list for reasons to engage in ESG efforts.

92% of leaders in a 2022 survey thought that ESG issues would affect corporate reputations in the next 12 months.

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employee loyalty and productivity  

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Employees are three times more likely to stay and 1.4 more times more engaged if they work at a purpose-driven company.

58% of U.S. employees would consider switching jobs for more pay transparency.

Your stakeholders are demanding ESG progress and reporting


ivestors 1

85% of investment professionals included ESG factors in their 2020 investing decisions.

investor 2

99% of millennial investors consider social responsibility in their investment decisions.

investors 3

Investors poured $649 billion into ESG-focused funds in the first 11 months of 2021.

Employees and job seekers

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More than half of employees consider a potential employer's ESG commitments.

employees 2

95% of employees believe businesses should benefit employees, customers, suppliers, and the communities they operate within — not just shareholders.

employees 3

The top 3 things young millennials and Gen Z workers look for in employers are employee wellbeing, ethical leadership, and diversity and inclusion.

Regulatory bodies

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The SEC is considering recommendations on board diversity and human capital management disclosures.

regulatory 2

Europe and other countries have mandated ESG reporting requirements.


consumers 1

77% of consumers are motivated to purchase from companies that publicly commit to making the world a better place.

consumers 2

65% of Americans say when a company takes a stand on an issue, they will do research to see if it's being authentic.

Financial stakeholders

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91% of banks, 24 global credit rating agencies, and more than 90% of insurers monitor ESG factors.

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67% of banks screen their loan portfolios for ESG risks and ESG considerations have caused insurers to limit coverage.

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