The Syndio Employee Experience

Syndio is a tech startup with ambition. We were founded on the belief that companies must do more than just say employees are their most valuable asset — they need to prove it. Using our technology to empower, data to inform, and expertise to inspire, we help some of the world's leading companies embed workplace equity into their core business.

We are committed to equity for everyone in the workplace. But we don't just deliver it — we live it.

Gemini Smith

A passion for people is in our DNA.
That's why purpose is prioritized in everything we do.

Our mission is to help companies eradicate workplace inequities and ensure every employee is valued for who they are and what they contribute to their company's success.

Our values


Relentless pursuit

We go farther than 'fair.'

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Relentless pursuit

We are a team of pursuers — in our tasks, our goals, our mission — and we relentlessly pursue our mission to make the workplace fair for everyone. 'Fair enough' is not good enough. We will not stop until we achieve workplace fairness.


Candor & trust

We live in the candor-trust loop.

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Candor & trust

Trust in people and systems is at the root of the problem, and the solution, of workplace fairness. It's also at the root of what lets us make bold moves when needed — like hiring cross-functionally — and it's why we do right by our customers, even if that means briefly slowing down to address any mistakes.


Brave futurism

We start building tomorrow, today.

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Brave futurism

The workplace is hurting people as we speak. We know because we've been there. We understand what needs to change and can envision a viable, better future. That's why we push each other to innovate. Whether your job is to design our future strategy or fix present bugs, we have each others' backs as we try new approaches, learn, and try again — until our vision is reality.

Curiosity & humility

We ask our way to action.

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Curiosity & humility

Silence and ambiguity breed inequity. Questions — especially difficult questions — unlock information that can activate us and our customers. When in doubt, kindly express your doubt. When in power, humbly acknowledge others and ask even more questions.


2022 Finalist: Digital Innovation Award for Human Capital Management

Ventana Research

2022 Silver Winner: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Product Leaders of the Year


2022: Best DEI-Enabling Solution

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2023: Best Places to Work

Forbes America's best startup employers

2023: America's Best Startup Employers

Every employee has a life outside of work.
We give our team the time and flexibility to enjoy theirs.

BuiltIn 2022 Best Places to Work

Fully remote model
With dedicated remote engagement resources

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Generous time off
Holidays + flexible vacation policy with suggested minimum time

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Shared time to disconnect
Week-long company-wide shutdowns twice per year

Our work shows that trust matters.
So we're transparent about our pay.

We post salary ranges for every job opening.

We offer competitive salaries in the upper quartile of the market (where geographic location does not impact or affect pay within the same country).

We review ranges and internal salaries annually to ensure that as our company grows, so do our employees' salaries.

We report on our own pay equity, median pay gap and CEO pay ratio to Syndio employees bi-annually.

Equity comes from representation + opportunity.
That's why we prioritize diversity at every stage.

New hire candidate pipeline

Syndio New Hire Candidate Pipeline

Leadership team

Syndio Leadership Team

DEI&B training
Syndio partners with experts to deliver foundational training to all employees to ensure fluency and understanding around DEI&B concepts.

Syndio DEIB

AllVoices employee feedback
Syndio invested in a central feedback tool that supports anonymous reports to provide a safe place for employees to speak up and have their voice heard.

Syndio AllVoices

We like to think we're a bunch of smart, interesting people.
And best of all, we enjoy working together.

Team pride

Team pride
97% of employees are proud to work for Syndio
93% of employees recommend Syndio as a great place to work


Retention rate
94% in 2021
93% in 2022 YTD

Employee Retention Rate

Monthly Free Think Fridays
We rent office space in various hub cities so team members can connect in person as well as innovating virtually through a company-wide Zoom brainstorm.

Free Think Fridays

Annual get-togethers
We plan off-sites yearly to bring teams together in real-life.

Annual Get-Togethers

Vibrant Slack culture
Love plants? Dogs? Books? Horror movies? We've got a Slack channel for that.

Not only are we building amazingly meaningful things in the pursuit of ending workplace inequities, but we're also a group of folks who care about one another — company wide. Syndio is the first place I've worked where I can genuinely say that everyone values each other and their contribution to our mission, all the way up to our CEO, Maria."

Gemini Smith
Software Engineer

Free Think Friday has become one of my favorite team-building events at Syndio. The monthly in-person connections re-energize my work/life balance and make working remotely possible."

Bojie Mageo
Sales Development Representative

My manager at Syndio has built a trusting relationship in which I can really take charge of my own work schedule. Working in a client-facing role can be draining due to constant Zoom calls, but I'm able to create healthy boundaries to ensure I take care of my mental health. This allows me to show up as my best self for our clients!"

Jenn Aguire
Customer Success Manager

Between unlimited PTO, the 2 week company-wide shutdown, 13 paid holidays, plus the opportunity to flex my schedule whenever I need, I truly feel like I have a healthy balance between work and life at Syndio. And while I was initially intimidated that I wouldn't have the same level of connection in this 100% remote world, the camaraderie I've had with my peers at Syndio has by far exceeded my expectations. My favorite Slack channel is our #props channel: I love seeing our colleagues brag on one another!"

Sarah Espinosa
Senior Recruiter

Vibrant Slack Culture

2022 Finalist: CEO of the Year, Maria Colacurcio, CEO

GeekWire Awards 2022

2022 Winner: Entrepreneur of the Year - Mountain West, Maria Colacurcio, CEO

EY Entrepeneur of the Year

2021 and 2022 Builder + Innovator Summit: 100 Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs, Maria Colacurcio, CEO

Goldman Sachs

2022 Winner: Moxie Awards, Jenny Yin, Sr. Manager of Engineering

Employee wellbeing is multi-dimensional.
We offer benefits that support our team's physical, mental, and financial health.

Best medical plans on the market
(90% employee coverage, 50% dependents)

Up to 16 weeks of paid parental leave (US only)

Life & Disability paid by the company

401(k) option (US only)

Stock options

Access to Talkspace online therapy (US only)

Looking for more meaning out of your career?

Syndio's work today makes impactful progress towards more fair, diverse, and inclusive workplaces tomorrow.

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