The Business Case for Workplace Equity

Should you outsource or insource pay equity?

Avoid the high cost of inaction


The average increase in cost for every year a business waits, or fails, to close role to role gender gaps is $444,368.1

Build an employer reputation that attracts, engages, and retains top talent


of job seekers overall look at workforce diversity when evaluating an offer.2


of employees would consider switching jobs for more transparency. For Gen Z employees, that number jumps to 70%.2

Boost productivity, innovation, and retention

5 key requirements of the EU Equal Pay and Transparency Directive

Employees who work in a high fairness environment have 26% higher performance and a 27% lower chance of quitting.4

Understanding the EU Pay Transparency Directive threshold requirements

Productivity increases by 1.2% when at least three women are on boards.2

+15% teal illustrated bar graph

Gender-diverse teams make better decisions 15% more than all-male teams.2

Does your pay equity plan in the EU include collecting more employee data?

Innovation is 6 times higher at organizations with the most equal workplace cultures.2

Improve business performance

Looking under the hood of pay gaps: “We’re going to see some rust”

Companies that disclose they've conducted a pay equity analysis report nearly 8% higher mean five-year Return-on-Equity.5

Board diversity is a strategic opportunity

Companies disclosing their EEO-1 reports saw higher returns than those that didn't, outperforming by 7.9% over the trailing one-year period ending in 2022.6

The ‘S’ in ESG might be a squishy topic — but the results in $$$ aren’t

There is a 3% increase in revenue for every 1% increase in gender diversity.2

Human capital and performance are linked

Teams that shift to even gender representation generate 41% more revenue.2

Get ahead of workplace equity disclosures NOW to own your narrative

The equity experience in your company is one of the most important parts of your performance in the market.

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Mitigate legal risk


The estimated annual cost of losing and replacing more than two million American workers who leave their places of employment due to unfairness, discrimination, or harassment is $64 billion.11

Strengthen perception with investors


of investment professionals take environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors into consideration in their investing.8


of millennial investors consider social responsibility in their investment decisions.9

Simplify compliance with (and future-proof against) expanding legislation, regulations, and reporting requirements

Wondering where to start with workplace equity?

Ready to make an impact with workplace equity?

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