Your Workplace Equity Guide

Image of the Workplace Equity Guide as a booklet

We would all love to snap our fingers and achieve a fair and equitable workplace of our dreams. But the truth is that most organizations have a lot of work to do to define what that means, and then progress will be incremental. So what does it really take to address inequity in the workplace?

This guide offers strategies to help understand, measure, and improve all aspects of workplace equity. We detail a step-by-step approach you can use to define success using data and insights, prioritize your biggest areas of opportunity, and make incremental progress on realistic goals. We also outline key measurements that support ongoing monitoring and shared accountability, so that when you make improvements, you're well equipped to sustain them.

You will learn how to:

    • Define success using data and insights (rather than hopes or guesses)
    • Prioritize your biggest areas of opportunity
    • Make incremental improvements on realistic goals
    • Measure and maintain progress through ongoing monitoring and shared accountability


Read the guide to find out how workplace equity can drive sustainable outcomes for your business.

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