The 2024 Workplace Equity Trends Report

How HR and Total Rewards leaders effectively embed workplace equity throughout the employee lifecycle

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Workplace equity is here to stay.

Enrich your 2024 planning with insights from the latest Workplace Equity Trends Report.

Syndio surveyed HR, Total Rewards, and DE&I leaders and professionals to take the pulse of current priorities and sentiment around workplace equity initiatives. This year’s findings spotlight how effective organizations embed workplace equity throughout the employee lifecycle, fostering diversity and equitable outcomes. Discover:

  • Which components of performance reviews need an overhaul
  • How pay equity leaders are expanding their analytical focus and planning ahead
  • Which employment outcomes beyond pay are crucial to measure and track
  • Why benchmarking and transparency are hallmarks of mature workplace equity programs

66% of practitioners — and 86% of  those at enterprise organizations — believe their workplace equity programs will continue to be a priority for the next 24 months.

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Below are a few of the key takeaways to level up your workplace equity programs next year.


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