Products & Services

With Syndio’s powerful products you now have the ability to deliver on your fair pay practices. See how we can help you motivate, engage and retain the very best people.


PayEQ is leading the way with an easy-to-use, powerful and cost effective solution to quickly analyze and resolve pay equity issues. PayEQ helps protect your organization from costly litigation and enables you to attract and retain the best people. Bottom line, PayEQ improves your bottom line.


PeopleEQ delivers people analytics about your connected workforce. Understand who your knowledge brokers are in a quantitative way by modeling and analyzing how communications, information, decisions and resources flow through your organization. With PeopleEQ you have direct insight into how work gets done and provides valuable results to drive better decisions for promotions, career pathing and succession plans.

Elite Consulting

With Syndio’s team of experts, you have a single point of contact beginning with the analysis of your organization’s groupings and applying proper controls that follow industry standards for pay equity practices. Our committed team of scientists and consultants ensures a streamlined and efficient implementation process that leverages the core workforce data from your current systems. We ensure you get the most from Syndio’s products so you can attract and retain the best people and grow your business.