Products & Services

Whether you are new to pay equity analysis or have been doing it for many cycles, Syndio’s products will empower HR teams to an unparalleled degree through its ease of use and powerful insights. Our software enables rapid, dynamic analysis of companies’ pay practices to find actionable paths toward workplace fairness, relying on validated methodology, an easy-to-use interface, and expert service and support. Whether you are using the PayEQ software on your own or leveraging Elite Consulting services, we have you covered.


PayEQ’s best-in-class software helps companies quickly analyze and resolve pay equity issues, empowering them to do the right thing while doing what’s best for their business. This powerful tool allows leaders to make data-based decisions, embracing transparency to stay ahead, protect their company from risk, and increased productivity. The result? A culture in which employees feel valued and heard, lowering turnover and boosting the bottom line.

Elite Consulting

Our team of experts pairs incredible experience with concierge-level service, ensuring you can get the most out of your dynamic Syndio software. Specializing in highly customized analysis specific to your needs, our team of scientists and consultants is committed to helping your company plot the course to workplace fairness. Using industry standards and leveraging the power of our products, Elite Consulting will help you leverage the power of Syndio’s unparalleled analytics to identify new insights and actionable solutions