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Internal ranges + equitable pay

See Syndio's "equitable pay" range next to your internal, market-informed pay ranges, so you can immediately find the sweet spot between the two.

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Predictive pay + equity insights

Enter any salary and instantly see its impact on pay equity, helping you maintain fair pay with every pay decision, whether it is a new hire, promotion, or transfer.

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Real-time salary trends

Access salaries for recent hires and employees doing similar work helping you identify real-time compensation trends.

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Customizable user views

Provide different users, like recruiters, with a custom view and insights, streamlining offer creation while ensuring fair pay.

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Our priority is to be proactive to prevent pay inequities from occurring in the first place. Syndio's Pay Finder enhances our ability to see what's competitive and fair from day one. It helps us to do the right thing for our employees, and it reduces or eliminates the need for remediation actions by maintaining fair and equitable pay.

Frank Stoos
Director, Executive Compensation

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