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Compensation is more visible than ever.

How can you make sure decision makers know your pay philosophy so every salary decision is consistent and efficient?

Pay Finder provides clear guidelines to managers and recruiters that help them make equitable, explainable pay decisions — at scale.

Eliminate the “game of telephone” between Compensation and Talent Acquisition.

Remove bottlenecks by giving recruiters and managers instant compensation guidance — so they can apply pay policies consistently and clearly explain how pay works.

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Increase the speed and accuracy of pay decisions

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6% reduction in time-to-fill*

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Eliminate manual, time-consuming salary reviews

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6% increase in acceptance rates*

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Reduce costs by maintaining pay equity.

Sustain progress and minimize adjustment costs by validating every pay decision and forecasting the impact of proposed salaries on equity.

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Mitigate legal risk by sustaining equity throughout the year

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Up to 70% reduction in remediation costs*

Turn transparency into a competitive advantage.

Be confident that offers are equitable, consistent, and clearly explained, giving you a significant edge in attracting top talent — even without the highest salary offer.

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Maintain fair pay while winning top talent

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Improve your employer brand

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When you have candidates say that they had multiple higher offers but picked our company because of our stance on equity — that’s powerful.

Head of Global Compensation at a large tech company

*As reported by customers

How much can you save with Pay Finder?

Pay Finder customers report a 70% (or greater) reduction in their pay equity remediation costs and spend less time on offers. Use the estimator below to quantify the impact on your business.

This tool provides a general estimate for informational purposes only. Calculations are based on average results reported by customers and are not guaranteed.

Adam Swanlund, Compensation Manager, Elevance Health

Hywel Jones, VP of Global Total Rewards, TD SYNNEX

Syndio’s Workplace Equity Platform connects HR teams around a single data source for addressing pay and opportunity gaps,  ensuring fair and consistent decisions through the full employee lifecycle — from leaders to the front lines.

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Pay Finder™
Provide clear guidelines to managers and recruiters on the front lines that help them make better pay decisions.

Uncover and resolve pay inequities and inconsistencies. Then improve underlying policies, and drive systemic change.

Global Pay Reports

Consolidate and streamline the creation of global pay reports, and stay ahead of changing requirements.

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Pay is now in the open. Learn how Pay Finder can build trust by ensuring every pay decision is fair.

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