Comply with OFCCP regulations, lean into pay transparency, and retain attorney-client privilege

Companies with federal contracts face the challenge of figuring out how they can continue the push for greater pay transparency, conduct privileged pay equity analyses, and meet OFCCP compliance obligations. There's a solution.

Federal contractors know the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) requires companies undertake annual, in-depth analyses of compensation systems to determine whether and where impediments to equal employment opportunity exist. Revised Directive 2022-01 and changes to the scheduling letter and itemized listing means that OFCCP will require employers to prove it. With Syndio's unique combination of best-in-class software and expert support, you can conduct a privileged pay analysis — and verify it to OFCCP.

Simplify compliance using Syndio's Workplace Equity Analytics Platform

Conduct two analyses simultaneously

Conduct multiple analyses simultaneously

You may want to group employees for OFCCP compliance differently than you would for a shareholder analysis or to comply with global reporting obligations. PayEQ® lets you easily conduct multiple analyses for different purposes with the same data set: including company-wide, by country or state, by function, by campus, or one for each AAP establishment or FAAP.


"Zoom in and out" with different analysis groups and pay types

Analyze pay at multiple levels, no matter how you (or OFCCP) wish to group employees: by job, by function and grade, by job function or job family, or overall or by EEO-1 category across the establishment. In addition to base pay, you can also easily analyze total compensation and individual pay components, such as bonuses and stock incentives, within the platform.

prove compliance

Prove compliance, without waiving privilege

Syndio can help you prove your compliance at the start and throughout an OFCCP audit. You can download data for your Item 19 submission. And you can prove you conducted an analysis without waiving privilege. Whatever documentation method you choose — redaction, affidavit, or dual analyses — Syndio provides the technology and services that help you measure and prove your commitments.

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Partner with trusted experts

Syndio's experts in OFCCP compliance, compensation strategy, legal compliance, data science, and more partner with you every step of the way as part of our integrated support.

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Get real-time insights

Get an up-to-date view of pay equity and real-time insights that guide your pay decisions and help you stay in compliance.

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