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The effect on retention of employees perceiving a pay gap is 50% worse than experiencing a pay freeze.1

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When organizations educate employees about how pay is determined, employee trust increases 10%.2

Workplace Equity Communications Playbook

Get a step-by-step guide to effective workplace communications with all your key stakeholders, including strategic advice, real-world examples, and the hands-on guidance you need to move forward in an intentional, comprehensive way.

Workplace Equity Communications Lookbook

See how leading companies are communicating about their workplace equity efforts and progress, with more than 20 real-world examples.

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Comms 101: Navigating Your Median Pay Gap In The Transparency Era

Get 5 tips for effective communications in the era of pay transparency from Syndio CEO Maria Colacurcio and communications leader Teresa Brewer — who's led workplace communications for some of the world's most influential and disruptive brands, including Apple, Sony, and Roblox.

The worst thing an organization can do is make empty promises around equity. Without being able to demonstrate how equity works and point to specific examples of it in your organization, it's a hollow concept that damages trust and only serves to undercut equity in the end."

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Syndio helps you measure, report, and communicate on all facets of workplace equity with a single solution. By connecting technology, data, and a team of experts, we help you establish realistic goals and create an action plan that's tailored to your most pressing workplace equity needs. From improving representation to paying, promoting, and retaining employees equitably to workplace communication, you'll have the analytics and expertise you need to achieve progress. And we give you real-time insights to guide in-the-moment decisions, so you can prevent equity issues before they start.

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