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One of the questions we hear most from organizations is, "How do we communicate with key stakeholders about our workplace equity status and strategy?" It's one of the biggest challenges faced by communications leaders today — and in a world where a commitment to workplace equity influences brand reputation, investment analyses, career decisions, and consumer purchasing choices, it's vitally important to get your communications right.

Add to that the fact that you must communicate to varied audiences including leadership, managers, employees, job seekers, investors, shareholders, and even consumers, and it's no surprise that many organizations are looking for help. Below, we've rounded up resources to help you plan and execute your workplace equity communications strategy.


The worst thing an organization can do is make empty promises around equity. Without being able to demonstrate how equity works and point to specific examples of it in your organization, it's a hollow concept that damages trust and only serves to undercut equity in the end."

Workplace Equity Communications Playbook

Get a step-by-step guide to communicating about workplace equity with all your key stakeholders, including a status check, establishing goals, building a communication plan, and more. Use the checklists and audience communication chart to build an effective strategy for communicating to employees, managers, leadership, investors, and the public.

Workplace Equity Communications Lookbook

See the latest trends in how leading companies are communicating transparently about their workplace equity efforts and progress, with more than 20 real-world examples from companies such as Salesforce, Zillow, Pfizer, and more.

Workplace Equity Platform Overview

Financial stakeholders

Pay Finder Product Sheet

The effect on retention of employees perceiving a pay gap is 50% worse than experiencing a pay freeze.2

PayEQ_Pay Equity Platform Product Sheet

85% of investment professionals take ESG factors — including social impact — into consideration in their investing.3

Companies that fail to address pay inequality may not only see reputational damage, but may find themselves at a competitive disadvantage as talent migrates to those companies that prioritize fair pay and opportunities for career advancement."4

— Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance

Comms 101: Navigating Your Median Pay Gap In The Transparency Era

Teresa Brewer — who's led communications for the world's most influential and disruptive brands including Apple, Sony, and Roblox — joined Syndio CEO Maria Colacurcio to discuss 5 tips for effective comms in the era of pay transparency and answer, why trust from your CEO is vital, and more.

Comms 101: Your Median Pay Gap and the Transparency Era

Read 5 tips for effective communications in the era of pay transparency from Syndio CEO Maria Colacurcio and Teresa Brewer, a leading consultant who's led communications for some of the world's most influential and disruptive brands, including Apple, Sony, and Roblox.

The help you need


Our Workplace Equity Platform helps you uncover inequities and build a custom action plan that gives you the insights you need to communicate where you are today, where you want to go, and how you're going to get there.


Then our experienced team of Expert Advisors can provide guidance and support to help you build an effective communications strategy for all of your stakeholders. This can include Syndio-led strategy and content advisory sessions, tailored country-specific regulation reports and disclosures, public statements or narratives to accompany public reporting, and much more.

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