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Are you paying employees who do similar work equitably? Do you promote employees fairly and without bias, regardless of their gender or race? Are you measuring representation accurately?

Actionable insights

Syndio's Workplace Equity Analytics Platform gives you answers — and insight into how to make real change. The result is reduced legal risk, greater diversity, and a culture of trust that works for all employees.

Actionable Insights

Our platform

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Compliance & reporting
ESG, DE&I, SEC Human Capital Metrics

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Expert advisors
Ongoing support, guidance, best practices, and education

Organizations cannot scale and evolve their top-down or grassroots DEI programs without technology support."

Gartner®, "Innovation Insight for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Technologies to Power Organizations Beyond Resilience", John Kostoulas, April 29, 2021.

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See it in action

The complexities of workplace equity become a whole lot simpler with our easy-to-understand dashboards, interactive charts, and on-demand insights at your fingertips.

What can you do with our platform?

From measuring equitable pay and opportunities to improving diversity and communicating about DE&I, our Workplace Equity Analytics Platform gives you everything you need to build a more equitable workplace.
pay equity

Analyze pay equity
in seconds

Instantly identify pay disparities due to gender, race, and more — as well as intersectionalities.
Opportunity Equity & Diversity

Instantly see representation

Know where you stand on diversity at every level of your business — and identify the root causes of your pay gaps.

pay equity

Sustain fair pay
— every day

Get fair salary recommendations for new hires and current employees and proactively analyze pay changes to stop pay changes before they start.

with ease

Deliver current metrics for SEC human capital disclosures and enhance social metrics for ESG & DE&I reports.

Comply with regulations

Comply with global pay equity global regulations and pay gap reporting requirements.
Opportunity Equity & Diversity

Predict & accelerate

Use predictive insights to forecast when you'll hit your diversity goals and to speed up progress.

Opportunity Equity & Diversity

Find & address
opportunity gaps

Uncover bias and mitigate risk by analyzing hiring, promotion, and retention rates for all workers.
pay equity

Remediate pay gaps to the penny

Use recommended remediation amounts and customizable budgeting to resolve pay disparities.

Build trust — with everyone

Prove your commitment to opportunity equity, diversity, and fair pay with ongoing analysis and measurable results.

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