Workplace equity
is impossible

In the face of economic uncertainty, HR leaders are struggling with restricted budgets, hiring freezes, and even layoffs. But you're likely finding yourself in a tough spot: Although you have limited resources, you still have pressure to close your pay gap and meet some lofty representation goals.

Workplace Equity is possible

Tangible progress starts with workplace equity.

Women and people of color are still 2.8 and 4.6 times less likely, respectively, to hold leadership positions than white men1, and the overall gender pay gap didn't budge from 2021 and 20222.

Truly equitable workplaces get two things right to close their pay gaps: equal pay for equal work and equal access to opportunities. They're using data and analytics to find and fix the root cause of inequities — and they're mapping those efforts directly to DE&I goals by following a few key steps.






Measure representation and benchmark against available talent to set realistic, data-driven diversity goals.


Analyze both pay equity and opportunity equity to uncover your biggest areas for improvement.


Resolve your adjusted pay gaps and systematically address the drivers of your unadjusted pay gaps.


Monitor progress over time.

How data can solve your top workplace equity challenges

A Workplace Equity Analytics Platform gives you the insights and agility needed to pivot and meet every moment as it comes and tackle some of your toughest challenges.

Challenge #1

I have no current view of representation.

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A Workplace Equity Analytics Platform integrates with HR systems and provides a fresh view of representation in real-time.

Challenge #2

My pay equity analyses take too long and are quickly outdated.

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A Workplace Equity Analytics Platform speeds up pay equity analyses and gives you a current view throughout the year.

Challenge #3

Diversity goals have been handed down from leadership, but I have no clear action plans or timelines for making progress.

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A Workplace Equity Analytics Platform pinpoints your biggest areas for improvement and shows you how to attain goals sooner with targeted efforts.

Challenge #4

I don't know what our diversity goals should be.

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A Workplace Equity Analytics Platform uses benchmarks to identify gaps and set data-driven diversity goals.

Challenge #5

My team lacks the expertise to analyze, resolve, and report on workplace equity issues — and I don't have the budget to hire.

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A Workplace Equity Analytics Platform handles analyses and surfaces insights so they are easy to understand, action on, and share — and is typically more affordable than headcount.

(With Syndio, you also get access to experts with legal, labor economics, data science, and communications expertise!)

Challenge #6

We have pay disparities that reappear every year.

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A Workplace Equity Analytics Platform provides proactive insights and in-the-moment recommendations that prevent pay and opportunity equity issues from forming.

Challenge #7

Women or people of color are underrepresented in leadership, but we're struggling to hire external talent into these roles.

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A Workplace Equity Analytics Platform identifies disparities in internal movement (including promotions, assessments, and retention), helping you address the root causes of opportunity gaps.

Challenge #8

Our efforts to improve representation, opportunity, and pay equity are siloed and disconnected.

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A Workplace Equity Analytics Platform gives you a single source of truth for all facets of workplace equity.


The Business Case for Workplace Equity

In this infographic, we break down how investing in workplace equity provides value and provide key proof points to use when making the argument for workplace equity in your organization.


Your Guide to Workplace Equity

This guide offers strategies to help understand, measure, and improve all aspects of workplace equity. We detail a step-by-step approach you can use to define success using data and insights, prioritize your biggest areas of opportunity, and make incremental progress on realistic goals.

Your trusted workplace equity partner

Syndio Workplace Equity Platform

Syndio helps you measure, prioritize, and report on all facets
 of workplace equity in a single solution — from improving representation to paying, promoting, and retaining employees equitably. By connecting technology, data, and a team of experts, 
we help you establish realistic goals and create an action plan that's tailored to your most pressing workplace equity needs. And we give you real-time insights that guide in-the-moment decisions, so you 
can prevent equity issues before they start.

What [Syndio is] doing — which is very pioneering — is giving leaders and HR departments near real-time data on the equity implications of every pay, reward, hiring, and promotion decision."

Josh Bersin
Global HR industry analyst

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