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You shouldn't have to choose between expert support and on-demand information.

Uncovering and resolving workplace equity issues requires careful prep and configuration of sensitive HR and compensation data, actionable insights at your fingertips to proactively embed equity into daily decision making, and expert guidance on legal best practices, reporting, communications, and more.

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Consulting & law firms

External consulting and law firms without access to technology have to perform manual analyses that are often out of date before they're complete. Without access to on-demand insights, you'll be stuck in an endless cycle of fixing workplace equity problems - instead of preventing them from ever happening.


Syndio gives you expert support at every stage in your workplace equity journey and a best-in-class platform for on-demand insights. By connecting technology, data, and human expertise, we help you establish realistic goals and create an action plan that's tailored to your most pressing workplace equity needs. And we give you real-time insights that guide in-the-moment decisions, so you can prevent equity issues before they start.

Technology vendors

Most technology vendors in the space offer a simple, self-service model - but they don't attempt to delve into true pay and opportunity equity consulting due to the complexity of the analyses, the risks of non-compliance, and the expertise and guidance required to get this right.

How we support our customers

From technical support in the platform and ongoing training with your dedicated Customer Success Manager to guidance from domain experts and seasoned consultants, our team is ready to help — no matter where you are in your journey.

Product Setup

Product setup

Data prep and configuration with best practice advice on grouping employees, applying benchmarks, and controlling for legitimate factors driving differences in pay or opportunities

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Training for internal teams to use the product and interpret results — plus access to our Syndio Knowledge Base, expert round tables, and ongoing training to grow your expertise and keep pace with changing best practices

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Custom guidance for resolving pay disparities and addressing root causes with tailored action plans for resolving opportunity disparities

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Custom analyses

Tailored analyses performed by our domain experts as new questions arise, such as longitudinal insights, custom grouping schemas, outliers analysis, and many others

Communications Icon


Recommended channels, messaging, and levels of transparency by audience and based on your unique status and goals with best practice templates for board decks, employee presentations, and more

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Global pay reporting

"[Syndio] provides not only the best software in the space, but access to experts and guidance as we move through our journey."

Amy Reichanadter

Chief People Officer

Amy Reichanadter

Work with the best in the business

By using Syndio's Workplace Equity Analytics Platform, you get access to our team of in-house labor economists, workplace equity consultants, data scientists, employment and labor lawyers, DE&I specialists, and global pay equity experts.

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Want to learn more about our experts? Check out some of our leading domain experts and consultants, who partner with our extensive customer success teams to give you holistic, ongoing support.

What to expect from Syndio's expert consulting team

Unlike some vendors, we don't disappear after you get the product set up. Our integrated, ongoing support model means we're here to help you every step of the way.


Get started

During the kickoff meeting with your dedicated customer success team, we will discuss your goals, timelines, and data collection and walk your team through the Syndio platform.



We then guide your team through gathering and uploading employee data from your HRIS.




After your data upload, we walk your working team through your first set of analyses.



Resolve & communicate

We share best practices for remediating pay disparities, help you set data-driven representation and diversity goals, and communicate your results and action plan to your stakeholders.


Monitor & prevent

We don't just help you set goals and then walk away. Your dedicated team works with you to monitor progress over time, uncover root causes, and ultimately move to a more embedded and proactive approach to workplace equity.

We also help you keep a pulse on ever-changing legal, cultural, and business landscapes, so you can look around corners and adjust your strategy as your needs change.


"The service and consulting assistance has been great — far more than I would have expected or received from most software providers."

Chris Boruff
Director of Operations


Flexible support packages to meet your needs

Unlike consulting and law firms, Syndio's integrated support model means you aren't paying by the hour or waiting for SOWs any time you need extra support.

Expert Support Package

Expert Support Package

All customers receive access to everything listed above, including up to four custom reports or analyses per year for no additional charge.

Communications Strategy & Implementation Package

This add-on package prepares you for your unique workplace equity communication needs, including strategy sessions with our experts and unlimited custom messaging, materials, and training, including tailored reporting, talk track development, custom board and executive presentations, manager training, and materials for and participation in company-wide communications. Priced according to the number of employees in the Syndio platform.

Unlimited Support Package

This unlimited package puts our team of experts on speed dial and gives you access to unlimited custom reports and analyses, plus the full Communications Package. Priced according to the number of employees in the Syndio platform.

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