Keep the Action in the USWNT’s Fight for Equal Pay

| August 6, 2019 | < 1 minute

Yesterday, I published an op-ed in Fast Company talking about the rise of awareness around the fight for equal pay and the danger of the movement becoming all talk and no action. As advocates for pay equity, we must continue to push the conversation toward tangible solutions to the gender pay gap, specifically for corporate leaders. 

At the center of the story is the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team’s fight against the gender pay gap. There’s no question the USWNT deserves a right to pay equity, and after investigating all of the publicly available data on the complex compensation levers for the men’s and women’s national soccer teams, it’s clear the men’s annual earnings should be less.

Companies are flocking to the issue to support the Women’s National Team, and rightly so. The danger is that the movement could receive flash-in-the-pan attention without addressing the underlying problems we need to solve. As the CEO of a pay equity software company, I am passionate about educating the market on resources that can anchor the movement by helping companies end wage discrimination on the basis of gender. We need pay gap solutions that solve pay inequity now. 

Ongoing pay analyses using solid methodology, transparency around pay practices and executive commitment are the first steps toward lasting change. 

Read the article for more on what you can do to promote action from your company leaders.

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