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Improve equitable career advancement

OppEQ helps you build equity into everything that you do — from bringing in the best talent to assessing, promoting, and retaining them fairly — lowering risks, making progress on closing unadjusted pay gaps, and building stronger teams.

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Many companies experience a "leaky bucket" where women and people of color advance at lower rates or leave at higher rates.

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Syndio helps you measure and improve equity in hiring, promotions, performance assessments, and retention, leading to increased representation in leadership over time.

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We set an ambitious goal to increase representation in higher-paying positions, but it’s hard to strategize when you’re overwhelmed by possibilities. OppEQ gives us the hard data we need to measure where we were, where we should be, and how to get there.

Anissa Lindgren
Vice President and Director of Compensation,
Benefits, & Talent Analytics

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How we support our customers

From technical support in the platform and ongoing training with your dedicated Customer Success Manager to guidance from domain experts and seasoned consultants, our team is ready to help — no matter where you are in your journey.

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Close your unadjusted pay gap

Rapidly analyze equity in promotions and performance assessments and efficiently accelerate progress by pinpointing where to focus.

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Analyze & improve opportunity equity

Analyze hiring, promotions, performance scores, and retention rates by gender, race, and more to identify inequities, root out bias, and create action plans for improvement.

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Make progress on representation — faster

Forecast when you'll hit your representation goals based on your current practices and policies — and accelerate progress with recommended policy changes.

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Build a culture of trust & transparency

Improve human capital, people sustainability, and ESG "social" metrics — building trust with employees, investors, consumers, candidates, and more.

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