The ROI of Workplace Equity

Learn how investing in workplace equity pays off

Looking for a 'secret sauce' for business durability through tough times? Workplace equity is the key that unlocks the potential of diversity, performance, innovation, and trust.

Learn how American Airlines, Indeed, and Moderna prioritize workplace equity to make a real difference for their people, brand, and their business. And gain insights from business leaders, pay equity experts, workplace innovators, and tech investors on the right time to invest, how to get buy-in, and why it's all worth it.

Watch their stories

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"From the hiring process to the development process to the promotions process — workplace equity looks at everything you're doing to create an ideal employer experience so that that experience gives the organization what it needs to be the most successful."

Scott Cawood
CEO, WorldatWork

Did you know?

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Innovation is 6 times higher at organizations with the most equal workplace cultures.2

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Employees who work in a high fairness environment have 26% higher performance and a 27% lower chance of quitting.4

Workplace Equity 101: The Journey

Not sure where to start or where to go next?

The business case for workplace equity is proven, but the path to success isn't always clear-cut. Syndio experts share how to do it right, with an approach that's ongoing, embedded, and transparent. Learn how to harness the power of digital transformation to own your data and tell a compelling story of progress, one step at a time.


Workplace Equity 101

Level up your learning

Don't get lost in the terminology of workplace equity. Check out our glossary below to understand the definitions of key terms like pay equity, pay gap, pay explainability, and more.

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"When we did the first pay assessment at Salesforce, I wished I had a Syndio at the time — that would have made the process go a lot smoother. It would have allowed us to have a more thoughtful approach and a more efficient approach."

Cindy Guerra Robbins
Board Member, Advisor, and Former President and Chief People Officer of Salesforce

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