A Day On at Syndio: Community Service in Action

| November 23, 2022 | 2 min read
A Day On at Syndio: community service in action

Employee-inspired volunteering is integral to the community we are building at Syndio. Recently, we were thrilled to hold another event for “A Day On”: our community service initiative where we partner with volunteer organizations in our hometowns across the country to give back to local communities. 

We started A Day On pre-pandemic, in lieu of the traditional over the top tech holiday party. As a remote company, it can be challenging to come together and give back to local communities, but we have found a way to commit to company-wide community service with A Day On. We are intentionally building relationships with community service organizations in areas where we have a high concentration of employees, and allowing employees in other less concentrated areas to select organizations they’re passionate about.

The support for A Day On this year was overwhelming and a great way to bring coworkers and communities together. During our company-wide day of service, Syndio employees in eight cities throughout the country volunteered at their local soup kitchens, food banks, and pantries, as well as donating at local blood drives and cleaning up their neighborhood trails. 

A Day On Syndio team community service


Weaving purpose into the employee experience   

Company-wide community service is a key way of embedding the values of service, community, and equity into the lifeblood of a company. At Syndio, we weave purpose in all things we do as a company. A Day On is just one of the many ways we live out our values. 

We promote a healthy work/life balance for all of our employees by having a fully remote model and offering generous time off, in addition to a week-long company wide shutdown twice a year. We encourage shared time to disconnect by dedicating one day a week to No Zoom, and build deeper connections amongst our employees by hosting monthly Free Think Fridays, where we facilitate remote and in-person team building events.

We prioritize providing a safe place for employees to speak up and have their voice heard, so we invested in AllVoices Employee Feedback, a central feedback tool that supports anonymous reports. And to hold ourselves accountable to our values and the creation of a diverse, equitable workplace, we conduct biannual pay and opportunity equity analyses and share them publicly and with all our employees. 

At Syndio, we have found a number of ways to create and maintain a diverse, inclusive, and engaging employee experience. We were founded on the belief that companies must do more than just say employees are their most valuable asset — they need to prove it. We try to live that mission every day.



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