Syndio CEO Maria Colacurcio on What It Means to be Valued at Work

| December 20, 2021 | < 1 minute
Syndio CEO Maria Colacurcio on what it means to be valued at work

What does it mean to be valued at work? At Emerson’s Collective’s 2022 Demo Day, Syndio CEO Maria Colacurcio explores what it could mean for the world if everyone is valued at work solely for who they are and what they contribute to their organization’s success, without bias. 

Pay Equity is Just the Start

“Today, workers are demanding big change and pay equity is just the start. People want companies who reflect the diversity of their communities — with more women and people of color in leadership. The big shift is that people are ready, and willing to quit if they don’t see companies taking real action. 

“And here’s the thing — when people know they are paid fairly, they work harder and are happier at work. It also gives them a reason to stay. That’s good for business.”

Move Beyond the Performative 

“Today 10% of the Fortune 200 use Syndio. For an early-stage startup this is huge. WHY?

“Our customers are moving beyond performative diversity commitments to tangible action, measurable results and REAL change.

“This change is happening right now. Already Syndio has returned millions of dollars to undervalued employees — mostly women and people of color — all across the country.

“Coming out of a global pandemic that eroded decades of progress, we have a moment. A moment to create lasting change by innovating on systems that measure how we value people at work.”

Demand Lasting Change

“Demand that when corporations say their people are their most valuable assets, they prove it.”

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