Global pay equity — simplified

Get global pay equity right with a platform built for agility, flexibility, and scale.

Achieving and maintaining pay equity for your global corporation is no simple task. PayEQ makes it easy to manage the complexity of pay equity across countries with different currencies, rules, and reporting requirements. And our Elite Consulting team provides the guidance you need to maintain pay equity in the face of any workforce, business, or legislative changes.

How Salesforce Scales Pay Equity

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Manage the complexity of global pay equity


All-in-one global analysis

Analyze globally as well as by country, addressing local analysis, compliance, and reporting requirements


Always-on agility

Prepare for new legislation by proactively modeling pay equity and leveraging current insights for every country

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Real-time updates

Update with new data and systems at any time and maintain a real-time view of global pay equity

  • Manage complex, global analyses with ease
  • Consult with experts on
    global legislation
  • Ensure pay equity — both domestic and international

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