U.S. Soccer Misses the Whole Picture When Confronting Pay Equity

| August 1, 2019 | < 1 minute

Don’t believe everything you read. This week, in a stunning “comeback”, the national federation claimed the U.S. national women’s team is actually paid more than the men. 

Because the collective bargaining agreements were negotiated separately with zero transparency, the result is two very different compensation structures for the USWNT and the USMNT. This makes it easy to cherry pick a few of the elements and paint a picture of equality. 

When looking at the whole picture, it’s overwhelmingly clear that the men are paid more, even when they lose. Our researcher dug into the data, much of which is available publicly. Take a look at what she found, it’s all available here.

Using a small slice of information is a common way for pay gap truthers (those who insist the gap isn’t real) to cry foul. That’s why we are committed to creating best-in-class pay equity software to tell the whole story for companies and employees. 


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