Building an Equitable Workplace is More Attainable Than Ever: Introducing the Workplace Equity Platform

| February 17, 2022 | 5 min read
A screenshot of Syndio's Workplace Equity Platform inside of a laptop device

We’re excited to announce the launch of our Workplace Equity Platform, which offers a suite of products and services that help companies measure and improve all facets of workplace equity — from reducing pay gaps to hiring, promoting, and retaining employees equitably. The platform includes:

  • New! OppEQ® – A brand-new solution that uses analysis, benchmarks, and data visualizations to measure equity in opportunities, set realistic diversity goals, and prioritize your greatest areas of opportunity. 
  • PayEQ® – A SaaS solution that provides an always-on view of pay equity, helping companies analyze, resolve, and prevent pay disparities due to gender, race, ethnicity, or any other demographic designation. 
  • Pay Finder™ – A patent-pending SaaS solution to help hiring teams set fair starting salaries and stop pay inequity before it starts. Pay Finder combines internal pay data with market-informed salary ranges in order to generate fair, competitive offers for every candidate. 
  • Expert Advisors – A team of data scientists, technology experts, and legal professionals who specialize in workplace equity and provide ongoing best practice advice — from global legal compliance and DE&I goal-setting to Environmental Social Governance (ESG) and human capital disclosures. 


Why a Workplace Equity Platform

Today’s organizations face surround-sound calls — from lawmakers, investors, employees, and even customers — to ensure equitable pay, increase diversity, and overcome bias in every stage of employment. Many companies are investing in these areas, but with teams working in silos. Diversity, equity, and fair pay are intertwined — and unless you address the root causes of inequities, you may not end up better than where you started. 

Fair pay isn’t just “equal pay for equal work.” It’s equitable access to the highest-paying jobs at the company. Increasing diversity isn’t only about hiring. It’s ensuring everyone has a fair shot to advance into leadership roles, regardless of their gender or race. Retaining diverse talent requires not only access to opportunities but fair and competitive compensation as well. 

By taking a comprehensive approach, you can prioritize investments, measure their impact, and make lasting change. Using a platform and team dedicated to workplace equity empowers you to look around corners and move from reactive to preventive approaches. And when you succeed at improving opportunity and pay equity, you increase diversity at every level of the organization, reduce pay gaps, improve ESG metrics, and deliver on the promise of a truly merit-based workplace.

This is the vision behind our Workplace Equity Platform. 


Why Syndio’s Workplace Equity Platform

Despite widespread investments and good intentions, “just 18% of employees said they work in a high fairness environment,” according to Gartner, Inc. And HR leaders largely feel the same way. So why aren’t companies making more progress?

In our work with leading organizations, this is what they tell us:

  • Their HR teams are stretched thin by competing priorities
  • They lack relevant data and insights to set realistic goals 
  • They struggle to identify the biggest areas of opportunity and track progress over time
  • They worry about how to talk about this in a way that doesn’t damage their brands

That’s where we come in. Our expert-backed Workplace Equity Platform helps you measure, analyze, improve, and report on every aspect of workplace equity — so you can set goals that make sense for your company, speed up progress, and communicate about workplace equity with confidence. According to Molly Gellerman, VP of Inclusion & Diversity, HR Digital Transformation, and HR Operations at Domino’s Pizza, “Syndio’s Workplace Equity Platform has been a critical tool for us to focus our strategies and efforts in DEI.

Here’s what sets our Workplace Equity Platform apart:

  • A single, unified system for workplace equity, making it easy and secure to onboard your HR and compensation data
  • Best-in-class statistical analysis, harnessing the expertise of our team of lawyers, statisticians, labor economists, and data scientists and incorporating optimal, compliant methodologies directly into our platform
  • Benchmarks that compare your organization against your peers, so you can set realistic goals and prioritize your company’s biggest areas of improvement
  • Dashboards and interactive charts that simplify the complexities of workplace equity, give you a current snapshot of where you stand, and make it easy to drill down into every detail
  • Real-time equity insights and recommendations in the hands of decision makers, empowering your teams to stop problems before they start
  • 1-click and custom reports that help you meet the call for greater disclosures and transparency — including DE&I reports, ESG metrics, pay equity and pay gap disclosures
  • Expert advisors who partner with you every step of the way — helping you customize goals, strategies, and communications, so you can do your best work and talk about it effectively with all your stakeholders


OppEQ: The Newest Solution in our Platform

For anyone familiar with Syndio, you know that our flagship products PayEQ® and Pay Finder™ help companies analyze, resolve, and prevent pay inequity. Today hundreds of companies — including 10% of the Fortune 200 — rely on these solutions to ensure fair pay.

Now our Workplace Equity Platform includes a brand-new solution focused on equity in opportunities called OppEQ®. OppEQ uses advanced analytics, benchmarks, and visualizations to help organizations measure equity in opportunities and track and increase diversity at all levels of the business.

OppEQ analyzes your company’s current representation and benchmarks it against internally and externally available talent. This helps you compare against your peers, identify realistic targets, and see exactly where improvements are needed.


Representation comparison chart from the Syndio Workplace Equity Platform

OppEQ analyzes representation and benchmarks against both internal and external available talent to set realistic, data-driven goals (feature subject to change)


From here, OppEQ helps you drill into how employees are moving through your organization by analyzing hiring, promotions, performance assessments, and retention rates. This lets you identify the root causes of inequities and prioritize actions to drive tangible change.

OppEQ also sits alongside our pay equity solutions, helping you identify the drivers of your pay gap.


Factors that drive the pay gap from the Syndio Workplace Equity Platform

The OppEQ dashboard pulls data from PayEQ to deconstruct the pay gap and shows you its drivers


You can zoom in on specific departments and levels to understand how representation and pay collide to increase or decrease pay gaps, and where your challenges may be stemming from. 


What jobs are driving the pay gap from the Syndio Workplace Equity Platform

The OppEQ dashboard shows you the makeup, pay, and size of different departments and levels


These are just a few highlights from our Workplace Equity Platform, which is a first-of-its-kind solution built to help you meet the demands of the workplace equity era. The platform is designed to help you build a stronger and more diverse organization where employees and employers mutually thrive.

In the coming months, we will continue to grow our platform, providing predictive insights and recommendations that enhance your ability to set the right goals and make progress even faster. 

Want to see the full platform in action or learn more about what’s next for Syndio? We’d love to show you.


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