California’s Groundbreaking Pay Reporting & Pay Scale Disclosure Law Passed: What Now?

Aired on September 8, 2022 | 1 hour

Christine Hendrickson Illustration

Christine Hendrickson

VP of Strategic Initiatives, Syndio

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Nancy Romanyshyn

Director of Pay Strategy and Partner Success, Syndio

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California’s SB 1162 is a groundbreaking law with first-in-the-nation requirements.

Pay gap reporting and pay scale transparency is likely coming to California — soon and in a big way. California’s SB 1162 passed in the legislature this month and is now just a signature away from becoming law.
As early as January 1st, employers with California employees may be required to disclose pay on their job postings, making pay transparent to applicants, current employees, and other companies. And disclosure of median and mean pay gaps and contractor pay gaps is likely around the corner, in March 2023.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • What the California pay range disclosure law would require
  • Why the law will require a fundamental shift in focus from pay equity to also consider equal access to opportunities
  • Lessons learned from other jurisdictions with pay transparency laws
  • Steps on how to start to comply now

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