European Pay Regulations 101: How to Prepare for 2023

Aired on November 16, 2022 | 1 hour

Illustrated portrait of Diana Fayad at GE

Diana Fayad

Total Rewards Global Executive, GE

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Illustrated portrait of Zev Eigen at Syndio

Zev Eigen

Founder & Chief Data Scientist, Syndio

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Pay transparency is coming to Europe.

Keeping up with global pay gap reporting requirements, pay transparency regulations, and pay equity laws is not easy, especially for organizations based in the UK and EU, or any organization with a large number of workers based in these regions. 

In light of the EU Parliament’s response to the proposed EU Directive on Equal Pay Transparency, what are the requirements, how will they affect your company and what should you do to comply?

Join Syndio Founder and Chief Data Scientist Dr. Zev Eigen and Diana Fayad, Global Head Total Rewards, GE, for expert advice.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • The evolving regulatory frameworks in the UK, Germany, Sweden and Switzerland
  • How to understand your organization’s obligations 
  • How best to prepare as regulations continue to evolve in this space
  • Best practices on how organizations can get ready – to prepare and implement

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