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Companies are setting representation goals, but there's often no clear path to achieve them.1 OppEQ gives you the insights to set realistic representation goals, identify and prioritize areas of greatest impact, and forecast progress over time — so you can create accountability and invest where it matters most.

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Without equal access to opportunities, companies will never close their pay gaps.

Women and BIPOC workers remain underrepresented in executive and management positions relative to their proportion of the labor force.2 These opportunity gaps are drivers of the pay gap.

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Nearly all companies have representation goals, but many don't know how (or if) they can achieve them.1

Lofty goals by themselves do not lead to progress, especially if targets are too long-term, are not developed using data, and aren't centered on the root causes of disparities.

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Companies that analyze equity in more stages of the employee lifecycle report more effectively develop underrepresented talent.3

Analyzing pay equity is only one piece of the pay gap puzzle. Companies need to broaden the scope of their equity analyses to ensure equal access to opportunities and fair representation at every level.

We continuously hear from employers that they are striving to develop an inclusive workplace, but it's not always clear where to start. Syndio has made that simpler by blazing several key paths for employers… OppEQ helps spotlight the critical importance of internal opportunities and making advancement equitable for all workers."

Ben Eubanks

Chief Research Officer
Lighthouse Research & Advisory

How OppEQ helps companies get from 'where we are' to 'where we should be'

Representation analysis

Analyze your current workforce to understand what representation looks like across levels and departments.

"What do we look like today?"


"What should we look like?"


Levels & benchmark analysis

Benchmark your employee population against both internal talent availability and external labor pool data to identify gaps compared to what's achievable.


Forecast when you'll hit your representation goals based on current practices and model different scenarios to see their impact on your representation trajectories.

“When will we get there?”


"How do we get there?"


Promotions analysis

Dig into the leading root cause of your representation gaps and proactively analyze promotion decisions to prevent inequities from forming.

We set an ambitious goal to increase representation in higher-paying positions, but it’s hard to strategize when you’re overwhelmed by possibilities. OppEQ gives us the hard data we need to measure where we were, where we should be, and how to get there."

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Syndio's Workplace Equity Platform helped us zero in on our two biggest areas of opportunity, and showed us how we could attain our goals years sooner through targeted efforts aimed at those opportunities. Before Syndio we did not have that level of visibility into our data or insight into the solutions."


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