Championing Corporate Social Responsibility in a Stakeholder Economy

Dan Hesse

Former CEO of Sprint, current chairman of Akamai Technologies, and board member at JUST Capital

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About the episode

Maria Colacurcio and Sean Mendy sit down with Dan Hesse, former CEO of Sprint and current board member of JUST Capital to talk about how companies prioritize equity. Dan shares his experience of how an equitable culture was critical to the turnaround at Sprint, what’s changed in the equity space over the last 10 years, and the work JUST Capital is doing to bring workplace equity mainstream.

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Highlights from the episode

  • How JUST Capital is seeking to measure and improve corporate performance and ESG disclosures in a stakeholder economy
  • Why companies should invest in corporate social responsibility and how it pays off in the long term
  • How to effectively and efficiently merge company cultures during a merger
  • How to embed customer service as a main tenant of your company culture
  • Tools companies can use to create and emphasize brand trust
  • How corporate leaders can effectively adjust to the major changes affecting the workplace (i.e remote work, the great resignation, economic volatility)

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