The Evolution of the Workplace in 2023

Lisa Rowan

Research Vice President, HR Software & Services Research, IDC

Lisa Rowan the Shift Podcast

About the episode

Maria Colacurcio and Sean Mendy sit down with Lisa Rowan, Research Vice President, HR Software & Services Research at IDC. Lisa discusses her role at IDC, and what she enjoys most about being an analyst. She shares workplace trends she’s noticed, advice on implementing hybrid work into organizations and what she believes will be the biggest driver of HR tech investment in 2023.

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Highlights from the episode

  • How workplace equity is evolving on a global scale
  • How IDC uses analysis and insight to help IT professionals, business executives, and the investment community achieve their key business objectives
  • How IT can support the hybrid workplace as corporate leaders adjust to a more geographically dispersed workforce
  • Why technology alone can’t solve all of a company’s workforce problems
  • Why a positive company culture is paramount to success
  • How flexible companies are shifting the traditional work week
  • What Lisa thinks will drive HR tech investment in 2023

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