Building Equity in the Venture Capital World

Ryan Nece

Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Next Play Capital and former NFL linebacker

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About the episode

Maria Colacurcio and Sean Mendy sit down with Ryan Nece, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Next Play Capital and former NFL linebacker. Ryan Nece shares how he has used his experience as a professional athlete, successful entrepreneur, and disciplined investor over the past two decades to start Next Play Capital, which sits at the intersection of sports and technology. He explores how his experiences on a Super Bowl-winning team have shaped his approach to teamwork, adversity, and leadership in the corporate world and what skills that he’s learned as a football player that are critical to success in the venture capital world. He also gives listeners valuable insight into how he is going about bringing more equity to venture capital.

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Highlights from the episode

  • How VC firms can build diversity
  • How CEOs should select their early investors to ensure they are reaching their long term goals
  • How corporate leaders can build and foster a healthy and productive culture
  • How leaders can seize this moment of economic volatility as an opportunity to accelerate their company
  • How leaders can ensure they are living out their mission statements

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