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Syndio appoints Ritu Mohanka as Managing Director and Head of EMEA

Former VP of Strategy & Business Development at Glint Ritu Mohanka to lead EMEA growth following $50m Series C funding in September 2021, Syndio sets out ambitious plans for its workplace equity platform in Europe

LONDON, 4th April 2022Syndio, the leading workplace equity platform, is pleased to announce the appointment of Ritu Mohanka as Managing Director and Head of its EMEA business. Mohanka’s arrival is part of Syndio’s expanded growth strategy following its $50m Series C funding round in September 2021, and the first time Syndio is specifically targeting the UK and EMEA market.

Mohanka joins the company with over 20 years experience in senior leadership roles with HR and talent-focused businesses, including leading business development and strategic growth efforts in EMEA at Glint. Prior to Glint, Mohanka worked at Kenexa/IBM Smarter Workforce to drive rapid revenue growth across the EMEA region. She is the winner of multiple awards and has been recognised on the EMpower Top 100 Ethnic Minority Senior Executive lists on several occasions.

Syndio, which has raised $83m in funding, provides the only data-science powered software that enables companies to analyse and resolve pay equity issues due to gender, race or other characteristics, and to monitor it over time. Syndio is used by 200 companies including General Mills, Nordstrom and Databricks.

Commenting on Ritu’s appointment, David Green, Managing Director of the Insight222 People Analytics Program® and co-author of Excellence in People Analytics said: “People analytics is one of the fastest growing areas of HR, and in leading companies is contributing hundreds of millions of dollars to the top and bottom line. Our 2021 research found that Diversity, Equity and Inclusion was the area where people analytics is adding the most value in global organisations. Ritu Mohanka’s appointment to lead Syndio’s EMEA operations positions the company at the forefront of critical innovation and opportunity in this rapidly growing space.”

Syndio’s arrival in EMEA coincides with the reimposition of mandatory UK gender pay gap reporting after a pandemic hiatus, for companies over 250 employees as well as heightened visibility of the risks of not proactively addressing pay disparities. In February, Syndio announced OppEq, a ground-breaking way for companies to improve diversity opportunities at every level. Considering this alongside the core Workplace Equity Platform, Syndio will help companies across EMEA to attract, retain and value top talent and help companies build a stronger and more diverse organization where employees and employers mutually thrive.

Commenting on her appointment, Ritu Mohanka said, “Today’s organizations are pummeled with surround-sound calls — from lawmakers, governments, investors, employees, and even customers — to ensure equitable pay, increased diversity, and overcome bias in every stage of employment. Diversity, equity, and fair pay are intertwined — and unless you address root causes of inequities, you may not end up better off than at the start. This is driving many leaders to focus more closely on diversity, inclusion, and belonging at their own organizations, awakening, and revitalizing critically important work that may have been de-prioritized or even avoided in the past, said Ms. Mohanka. “To that end, Syndio is filling a long-unmet gap, helping organisations efficiently measure, analyse, improve, and report on every aspect of workplace equity — so you can set goals that make sense for your company, speed up progress, and communicate about workplace equity with confidence.

Ritu Mohanka says “I’m truly elated to join Syndio in this mission for inclusivity, equality and fairness at work and I’m truly proud that Syndio shares my own passion for building that better working world. I can’t wait to help companies across EMEA benefit from Syndio’s transformative impact in building truly-talent led businesses.”

Syndio CEO Maria Colacurcio said, “I’m thrilled to be welcoming Ritu Mohanka to the leadership team. Her unique experience and perspective will be critical as we extend our mission in Europe to ensure that every employee is valued for who they are and what they contribute to their company’s success without bias. Ritu’s arrival comes at a pivotal time where employers and employees are going beyond pay equity into true workplace equity.”

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Syndio is the leader in workplace equity solutions, offering technology that enables companies to measure, achieve, and sustain equity and transparency at every step of the employee lifecycle. With Syndio’s Workplace Equity Platform, companies embed equity into their core business practices, helping to identify pay gaps, bolster the efficacy of HR policies, and facilitate faster, less biased decision-making. Trusted by over 320 companies, including 30% of Fortune's Most Admired Companies, Syndio ensures equity and consistency in pay and advancement while streamlining global compliance reporting and communications so that each customer can become and remain employers of choice. Join the forefront of building a more equitable and efficient future of work with Syndio.

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