Syndio Launches Workday Integration for Its Pay Analysis Software

Equity Tech Leader’s PayEQ Securely Delivers a Continuous View of Wage Equity Status

SEATTLE — October 22, 2020 - Syndio, a leading HR analytics platform with a mission to eradicate pay disparities, today announced its PayEQ software-as-a-service (SaaS) product can now import employee data directly from Workday® Human Capital Management. PayEQ’s direct integration with a company’s human resources system is a secure way for companies to significantly reduce pay analysis cycle time and ensure proactive management of pay equity over the long term. 

PayEQ is Syndio’s flagship product offering human resources (HR) teams unparalleled insights on pay equity in real time. With PayEQ, companies can perform rapid analyses of pay practices to find actionable paths toward workplace fairness, relying on validated methodology, an easy-to-use interface, and expert service and support. Syndio’s software creates multivariate regression analyses, median tests and cohort analysis in minutes rather than months as with traditional pay equity analysis methods.

“Traditional pay analyses are obsolete the moment they are created because companies constantly evolve through activities such as hiring and M&A. Our dynamic pay equity software enables companies to approach pay equity as a real-time process, so companies can do the right thing and stay ahead over time,” said Maria Colacurcio, CEO of Syndio. “PayEQ’s system integrations further speed the delivery of sophisticated insights that can’t be achieved from spreadsheets or basic reports.”

PayEQ’s Workday integration directly imports fresh data from a company’s human resources system with a button push, eliminating the need for HR teams to manually upload data and transfer standalone files between staff. As a result, HR teams can conduct pay equity analyses even faster and more frequently. With this easy-to-implement new feature, PayEQ is a powerful tool that allows leaders to make data-based decisions, embracing transparency to protect their company from risk and increase productivity.

“We’re committed to pay equity because we want to make sure our employees are treated fairly,” said Brandon Gordon, Director of HumanResources at NerdWallet. “We regularly conduct pay analyses with Syndio’s PayEQ software as part of our compensation review. Being able to integrate with our HCM - the single source of truth for our people team - streamlines our process so we can spend more time on addressing what the data tells us.”

About Syndio

Syndio is pioneering Equity Tech as a new category of technology solutions that contribute to social equality. For its part, Syndio is focused on solving the well-documented wage gap, which the World Economic Forum predicts will persist for another 200 years if left unaddressed, and more immediately, pay equity within companies. Syndio believes the inequalities facing society cannot fully be resolved without a foundation of fair pay. With the right tools and a commitment to transparency and accountability, issues with pay equity are 100% solvable, today. 

Syndio’s suite of solutions enable global organizations to analyze and resolve pay issues based on race and gender, and stay in compliance over time. To date, Syndio’s pay equity software has helped level the playing field for 1.3M employees, totaling more than $85M in remediation paid by employers.

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