Streamline Your Global Pay Gap Reporting: A One-Stop Solution, Now Spanning 28 Jurisdictions

| April 17, 2023 | 4 min read
Check out Syndio’s one-stop solution for pay gap reporting in 28 jurisdictions worldwide — request global gender pay gap reports in a single click.

On March 30, 2023, the EU Parliament passed a new Directive that requires public gender pay gap reporting. This is on top of existing global pay gap reporting obligations in Europe, the U.S., and elsewhere around the globe. Navigating through the maze of reporting regulations around the world can be challenging and time-consuming, especially as requirements differ between jurisdictions and legislation continues to evolve. 

To help you keep up with all of these different reporting requirements, Syndio offers a one-stop solution for global pay gap reporting — now spanning 28 jurisdictions worldwide. With its comprehensive coverage, Syndio’s Global Pay Reports provides an efficient solution to help reduce compliance risks and ensure accurate report filings for every market your organization engages in. Syndio also provides communications advice so that you can communicate with confidence. 


Bringing global pay gap reporting into focus

Nearly 30 jurisdictions around the globe, including the UK, Israel, Japan, France and Germany, already require companies to report on their gender pay gaps. The trend towards pay gap reporting is only accelerating. With the recent passage of the EU Directive for Equal Pay and Transparency, the number of pay reporting obligations will soar to nearly 45 jurisdictions. Common requirements include:

  • Employers are responsible for providing accurate data on salary differences between male and female employees. 
  • Organizations must regularly review their pay gap policies to ensure compliance with all applicable laws. 
  • Depending on the jurisdiction, employers may be required to publish their pay gap data publicly or provide it directly to government authorities. 
  • Penalties for non-compliance with pay gap reporting requirements vary from country to country but can include fines and other disciplinary action.

It is imperative for companies to comply with these regulations and take steps to address any disparities in pay within their organizations. As the scale tips in favor of applying a global standard to pay equity rather than complying piecemeal only for employees covered by the patchwork of pay transparency laws, leading multinational companies are shifting to a consistent, global approach to pay analyses to ensure that their global workforce is paid fairly and equitably. 

A high-stakes maze of requirements

For companies with a global workforce, pay gap reporting can feel complicated and uncoordinated due to complexities like the different approaches to pay equity, data privacy, a web of diverse reporting requirements, and differences in employee thresholds and deadlines. However, it is important to tackle these challenges head-on, as non-compliance can result in serious consequences, not only in potential fines or disciplinary action, but also in damage to your employer brand reputation with employees, job seekers, consumers, and investors.


Get to know Syndio’s Global Pay Reports solution

Syndio’s groundbreaking software and unparalleled expertise are what you need to meet this pay transparency moment and build trust with your stakeholders. Syndio’s Global Pay Reports is a one-stop solution to streamline statutory pay gap reporting and ensure compliance with local laws and regulations in 28 jurisdictions in Europe, the U.S., and around the globe.  You can also preview EU Directive Reporting.

Request reports with a single click and get the analytics you need to submit your reports, with step-by-step guidance, communications advice, and more. Plus, all our deliverables are vetted by our own legal team and external legal counsel, so your reports are right the first time, every time. Our experts can help you:

  • Understand where you have reporting obligations around the globe
  • Reduce legal risk by getting your reporting right with vetted deliverables and expert-backed technology
  • Align your messaging about global pay equity with a coordinated approach to your pay reports
  • Build your “fair pay” brand by ensuring you can understand and explain your pay gaps


How it works

Syndio provides the tools, the framework, and the guidance for global statutory pay gap reporting,  as well as data requests for each jurisdiction. With your data in hand, Syndio experts calculate the necessary metrics and deliver a report with the key metrics, model narratives, communications advice, and more.  You’ll be able to:

  • Request reports with one click. Ask for statutory pay gap reports in 28 jurisdictions with just one click.
  • Obtain accurate reports. Global gender and other pay gap reporting obligations are deceptively simple — much of the complexity lies in interpreting the guidelines to properly configure data for the calculations. That’s why Syndio provides a framework and guidance for global statutory pay gap reporting, along with data requests for each jurisdiction. With your data in hand, Syndio experts will calculate the necessary metrics and deliver a report with the key metrics, model narratives, communications advice, and more.
  • Get reports delivered to you securely and in compliance with GDPR.


Don’t just comply with global pay gap reporting — showcase your fair pay brand

Because many statutory pay gap reports are public and available to your employees, job applicants, board, investors, and other key stakeholders, pay gap reporting isn’t just about ticking compliance boxes — it’s a communications opportunity. As public gap pay transparency gains momentum, Global Pay Reports can become the home of your company’s pay and opportunity equity narrative. Closing pay gaps is a journey of progress over time, and your pay gap numbers can require context-setting around what’s driving your pay gap and what actions you will take to address them. Syndio has the data, insights, and experts you need to tell your pay gap story effectively and explain your results with confidence.

As the only full-suite Workplace Equity Analytics Platform on the market, we arm you with the data and insight you need to synthesize, understand, and explain your pay gap reports. You can also choose to have more assistance, including the preparation of custom reports, presentations, board decks, and more to support communications with all your stakeholders.


Take the stress out of global pay gap reporting with the most trusted name in workplace equity

The challenge of navigating the maze of pay gap reporting regulations worldwide can seem overwhelming. You need a trusted partner to make sense of an ever-changing global landscape and to communicate your workplace equity journey clearly. 

You can learn more about Global Pay Reports at the link below. For further insights and best practices, watch our on-demand webinar in which Syndio’s in-house experts discuss how to navigate the complexities of global pay gap reporting, including the EU Directive. 



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