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Pay Equity


Increasing pay transparency laws are setting the bar for pay equity higher than ever before. Traditional approaches can't meet the new standards, but technology puts it within reach and helps you respond to what's coming.


Today's seismic shift in pay equity

Pay equity standards that were good enough a few years ago are not cutting it any longer, and more companies are upleveling their strategies and being more transparent on progress to keep pace. But what are the trends and how do you know if your approach is stacking up?

The Old Way

The New Way

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The Old Way
narrowly focuses on gender and base salary leaving many pay disparities undetected


The New Way

is comprehensive, taking into account all applicable protected categories and analyzing all components of compensation to ensure true fairness for all groups

The Old Way
looks at pay equity once per year to find and fix pay issues, allowing disparities to crop up and grow throughout the year

The New Way
embeds fairness into all pay decisions and policies to mitigate pay issues before they crop up and grow

The Old Way
completely avoids transparency and keeps employees and the public in the dark at all times

The New Way

educates stakeholders on results and solutions to build positive brand reputation, earn trust with investors, and make sure employees feel engaged and valued

The Old Way
is manual, error prone, subject to data breach, and requires data science skills, legal expertise, and lots of time that most compensation professionals don't have

The Old Way
puts more control in the hands of compensation teams with easy-to-use technology and proven methodologies built by industry experts

The bar will only continue to get higher with new laws, calls for even more transparency, and pressure from investors, employees, and the public. Are you adopting solutions today that set you up for the standards of the future?

Proven technology & expertise that transforms pay equity

Leading companies are turning to Syndio for agile technology that makes analyses fast and easy, while helping maintain pay equity over time. And with our platform, you get always-on, patent-pending technology backed by legal, data science, and compensation experts.



Rapidly analyze and resolve pay disparities with an enterprise-grade platform designed for global compliance.

Pay Finder

Ensure starting salaries are fair and equitable with real-time insights and recommendations for every new hire.

Pay Policy Analytics

Analyze the impacts your policies have on compensation to tell you if they're working as intended and if they are fair.

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Expert Advisors

Using proven practices and methodologies, partner with our team of experts, who provide ongoing expert best practice, data science, and communications consulting and support.

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Our goal is to really embed pay equity into the organization as just a normal part of doing business… We chose to partner with Syndio because their core purpose is pay equity, and their team is going to be farther ahead in their thinking, so they could push us and we could learn from them."

- Stan Dunlap, EVP of Global Rewards

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The New Way to Fair Pay: How to Master Pay Equity in a Changing World

Find out how a modern approach to pay equity will impact your business and learn the four steps you can take to move your organization to an ongoing, proactive pay equity strategy.

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