HR Metrics that Matter

How CHROs and HR leaders can leverage data to elevate their seat at the executive table

CHROs have an opportunity to leverage their position as financial stewards of the largest item on the P&L sheet: employees. To do so, they need to tell a compelling, data-driven business story about their function. By applying analytical rigor and reporting to their role, CHROs can evolve themselves into a "Chief Human Financial Officer" on par with the CFO, CMO, and CRO in board meetings.

HR Metrics that Matter: How HR Leaders Can Harness Data


5 HR metrics for the 'Chief Human Financial Officer'

"What do we look like today?"

Engineering Team Representation Rate

What should we look like? When can we achieve that target?"

HR Benchmarking Metrics
HR Benchmarking Metrics

"Have we achieved equal pay for equal work? What is our unadjusted pay gap?"

Pay equity / Pay Gap

"At what rates do specific groups move up in the company?"

Pay equity / Pay Gap

"At what rates do specific groups leave the company?"

Engineering Retention Rate

Adopting a 'CHFO' mindset


How CHROs Can Embrace Their Inner 'CHFO' to Quantify HR Value

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Getting top billing in board meetings


Advancing Workplace Equity from the Boardroom

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Partnering with your CFO

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How CFOs Balance Higher Comp Costs With Their Bottom Lines

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Partnering with your CFO to Achieve Workplace Equity

Communicating results and progress

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April 22, 2022


Workplace Equity Communications Playbook

Learn how Syndio's Workplace Equity Analytics Platform can power your HR reporting.

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