Pay Gap Calculator

There are new headlines every week about the pay gap and its impact on wealth accumulation for women and people of color throughout their careers.

The first step in closing the pay gap is to understand where your organization stands today. Use the calculator below to compare compensation between employee groups to determine what pay gaps you have.

Pay Gap Calculator

After two years of using Syndio, we have no more statistical pay gaps based on race, gender, or age. Syndio has helped us achieve this outcome."

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Syndio helps you measure, report, and communicate on all facets of workplace equity with a single solution. From improving representation to paying, promoting, and retaining employees equitably, to communicating your strategy, you'll have the expertise you need. By connecting technology, data, and a team of experts, we help you establish realistic goals and create an action plan that's tailored to your most pressing workplace equity needs. And we give you real-time insights that guide in-the-moment decisions, so you can prevent equity issues before they start.

See how Syndio can help you close your pay gaps.

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