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Pay equity in tech is an urgent challenge.

To stay competitive in 2022, organizations must start showing progress when it comes to pay equity… or get left behind. But for tech companies, pay equity complications are often compounded by rapid growth, making it hard to know where to start and how to scale.

Compounding complexities

Rapid growth

Distributed workforce

Highly competitive talent market

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Multiple types of compensation (e.g. base, bonuses, and equity)

Expansion into new markets

Expansion into new markets with different rules, reporting requirements, and currencies

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Mergers and acquisitions

360° pressures

ESG social impact communications example: American Express

Quickly expanding legislation and compliance regulations

Transparency and fairness demands

Transparency and fairness demands from employees

ESG social impact communications example: Aflac

ESG accountability calls from investors

ESG social impact communications example: Logitech

Brand impact and need to align with publicly stated values

Examples from the Aflac ESG report

Disclosures on the rise among peers

Despite these challenges, pay equity in tech is within reach faster than you may think possible — even if you're starting from scratch.

Meet Syndio's purpose-built Workplace Equity Platform + the experts who help you do it right.

A SaaS pay equity solution that scales as you scale

PayEQTM | Identify pay disparities due to gender, race, or any other demographic and address them at key moments in your compensation cycle using remediation recommendations.

Start fair, stay fair.

Pay FinderTM | Provide your hiring teams with real-time insights into what salaries are fair and competitive for every candidate, interrupting potential bias, guiding pay decisions, and stopping pay disparities before they start.

Fix inequities at the root so they can't grow back.

Pay Policy AnalyticsTM | Understand how your pay policies impact compensation and contribute to inequities, then improve your models to ensure they are effective, compliant, and fair.

Go beyond pay equity to improve your median pay gap by ensuring equal access to opportunities.

OppEQTM | Identify statistically significant inequities in promotions and performance assessments, so you can prioritize your biggest areas of opportunity for closing median pay gaps over time.

Expert help for today's challenges and tomorrow's growth

Pay equity management is complex and it's not one-size-fits-all. From day one, Syndio provides dedicated access to our team of data scientists, legal professionals, and compensation/total rewards specialists to help you establish and scale a pay equity solution with confidence using proven methodologies and customized strategies.


What does pay equity success look like for tech companies?


Modern SaaS platform improves efficiency of analysis.

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Total Rewards/Compensation team is freed up to focus on pay equity strategy

Total Rewards/Compensation, HR, and Talent Management teams are aligned on overall workplace equity efforts

Results in seconds make it easy to perform frequent analyses


Expert advisors help build a strong, agile foundation.

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Best practices based on proven methodologies

Guidance on changing legislations and reporting requirements

Expert support for modeling out impact of changes



Proactive, preventative approach scales as company grows.

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Ongoing analyses that address root causes keep issues from recurring

Reduced remediation costs per employee

Setting fair starting pay prevents pay disparities at the outset of hiring

Opportunity gap analyses and action prevents "leaky bucket" of diverse talents


Communication about progress positively impacts brand.

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Improved trust with employees and public

Disclosures are attractive to ESG-minded investors

Competitive edge in "purpose-driven" talent market


Case Study

Databricks Fast Tracks Pay Equity Analysis

Databricks had never done a pay equity analysis before partnering with Syndio. But by leveraging Syndio's Workplace Equity Platform and expert advisors, Databricks was able to quickly go from pay equity beginners to establishing a modern approach that has contributed to employer awards and a Fair Pay Workplace certification.

Case Study

Salesforce Scales Pay Equity on a Global Level

As Salesforce grew on a global scale, handling pay equity in-house became challenging - it was time to find a solution designed specifically for pay equity. Syndio's Workplace Equity Platform and expert advisors help Salesforce manage the complexity of global analysis, freeing them to focus on enhancing and expanding their pay equity strategy.

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6 Key Strategies for High-Growth Tech Companies to Successfully Scale Pay Equity

Pay equity in tech has challenges that are compounded during rapid growth — each new hire can lead to pay inequities and every new market can bring different rules, reporting requirements, and currencies to factor into analyses. Learn how tech companies can stay ahead by scaling pay equity alongside their growth.

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How to Succeed at Pay Equity in 2022: Tech + Software Companies

Leading companies are leaving annual analyses behind and transforming how they manage pay equity. Our experts walk you through what a modern pay equity solution looks like for tech companies: how to get agile, prepare for legislation, move towards prevention, and communicate your progress.

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The California Median Pay Gap Bill: What Companies Should Know Right Now

Do you have employees in California? The California Median Pay Gap bill is on its way through the legislature. While statistically adjusted gaps provide one piece of the story, median pay gaps are a tougher and more revealing standard. Learn how forward-thinking tech companies should prepare.

Wherever your company is in your pay equity journey, Syndio is standing by to help with the next step.

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