Radical Inclusivity & Belonging in Workplaces

Kat Gordon

Founder and CEO of 3%

The Shift Podcast: Kat Gordon

About the episode

Maria Colacurcio and Sean Mendy sit down with Kat Gordon, founder and CEO of 3%, a movement dedicated to increasing the number of female Creative Directors. Kat dives deep into how the 3% movement has been able to help the number of female Creative Directors jump from 3% to 29% in just a few short years and how to take an intersectional approach to increasing diversity. Kat talks about how radical inclusivity is an overlooked key to driving creativity and long-term profitability in an increasingly volatile economy.

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Highlights from the episode

  • How to take an intersectional approach to increasing female leadership in the workplace
  • What does radical inclusion and belonging look like in the workplace and how does it impact company culture
  • What are the systemic issues that lead to a lack of female leadership in advertising and what tools can we use to dismantle it
  • What is communication through demonstration and how can it increase diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace
  • How diversity and creativity can work hand and hand to increase profitability in businesses
  • Why allyship is a critical component to activism
  • How founders and business leaders can prevent burnout

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