HR Analytics


By applying measures on how communications and resources flow through the organization, you gain visibility that will guide better decisions for promotions, career pathing and succession planning.



With the PeopleEQ visualization dashboards, you and your business leaders have immediate results to better understand the impact of people relationships and the effectiveness of the influencers on the individuals and groups that deliver results.



PeopleEQ allows you to better understand the interactions and relationships that drive productivity and effectiveness of teams, peer relationships, direct reporting structures, cross functional working groups and individuals.



When you layer the understanding of your key influencers that drive productivity and engagement with the commitment to fair and equitable pay practices, the impact is a positive and compelling culture that is a game changer to your people and your business.


PeopleEQ's visual dashboards provide you with insights to key metrics like:

  • Communication sentiments by organization or roles for access to knowledge, effectiveness of problem resolution, promptness and reliability of communications, and effectiveness of processes and systems
  • With the People Visualizer, filter by organization groupings and sentiment factors to understand peer and colleague influences, change management and overall engagement
  • Identify individual worker attributes for factors like type and degree of connections, levels and areas of influence that impact productivity of others throughout the organization

PeopleEQ: Get real-time, unbiased viewpoint of your top influencers and knowledge brokers

Syndio is dedicated to innovation and delivering new solutions that leverage AI and data science so business leaders can gain a much better understanding of how people interact to get work done. PeopleEQ goes beyond the traditional data points that measure reporting structures, performance metrics and historical HR data. Get real insights to drive real workforce productivity.

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We know you are serious about pay equity. (We are too.) Give us 20 minutes and we will show you PayEQ, the best way to ensure equal pay for equal work.