Fairness at Work Webinar Series

Fairness at Work is our new monthly webinar series focusing on strategies and tactics for achieving transparency, fairness, and pay equity for all. 

Each month Syndio CEO Maria Colacurcio will be joined by an industry expert for an informal discussion and Q&A around a different theme.


JAN 25, 2022

9am PT / 12pm ET

Episode 18: How to Create Equitable Practices for Every Stage of Employment that Make Your People Want to Stay

It’s no wonder so many companies are increasing their focus on DEI&B. Research shows that employees who work in a high fairness environment perform 26% higher than those who don’t and are 27% less likely to quit. And with the Great Resignation upon us, keeping employees engaged and retained is critical. But despite widespread investments in DEI&B initiatives, only 18% of employees say they work in such an environment.


DEC 14, 2021

9am PT / 12pm ET

Episode 17: How to Embed Fairness Into All Aspects of Your Total Rewards Strategy

To prepare HR and compensation professionals for success in the new year, we'll discuss best practices for how to embed fairness into your entire compensation strategy — including equitable starting salaries, analyzing and addressing systematic under-leveling, and ultimately closing the pay gap through equitable talent management.

OCT 26, 2021

9am PT / 12pm ET

Episode 16: When and How to Talk About Pay Equity with Everyone Who’s Asking

Our panel of pay equity experts and communications gurus will walk through real-world examples of how they’re talking about pay equity — and their advice for other companies looking to be more transparent.

SEP 29, 2021

9am PT / 12pm ET

Episode 15: What Leaders in Pay Fairness are Doing Differently: Top Pay Equity Trends from 2021

Our expert panel will answer the questions HR and compensation professionals need to know to keep pace with rapidly changing standards and expectations.

AUG 31, 2021

9am PT / 12pm ET

Episode 14: Addressing the Opportunity Gap

A new research report shows that white men hold executive and management roles at 9.2 times the rate of Black women. Other non-white and non-male groups fare better, but still lag far behind their white, male counterparts.

JUL 27, 2021

9am PT / 12pm ET

Episode 13: How to Incorporate Pay Equity into your ESG Strategy

By incorporating pay equity in your ESG strategy, you can provide a quick win to your organization: one that’s clear, measurable, and pays back in the short and long term, building investor confidence, improving your employer brand, and mitigating legal risk.

JUN 22, 2021

9am PT / 12pm ET


We discuss how companies can leverage pay equity to build their employer brand, showcase their commitment to DEI, and stand out from other companies.

MAY 25, 2021

9am PT / 12pm ET

Episode 11: What New Pay Equity Legislation Means for Global Enterprises

We discuss the most recent attempts at pay equity legislation in the U.S. as well as emerging global trends every business should monitor.

APR 20, 2021

9am PT / 12pm ET

Episode 10: Don't Fix the Woman — Fix the Institution

An expert panel will discuss the benefits of adopting tangible "Fix-the-Institution" initiatives as a means to reducing pay disparities between men and women.

MAR 23, 2021

9am PT / 12pm ET

Episode 9: How to Talk to Your Employees About Pay Equity

The issue of pay transparency and equitable compensation is not new. However, the pressure on organizations to explain and prove fair pay continues to increase, both culturally and legally.

FEB 16, 2021

9am PT / 12pm ET


Fair pay means that if someone makes more than someone else, there are clear, consistent and objective reasons — pay policies — behind those differences. These pay policies should be driven by what you want to reward at your organization, whether that’s performance, tenure or other factors.

JAN 26, 2021

9am PT / 12pm ET

Episode 7: Equity, Bonuses, and Incentives: The Dirty Secrets of Fair Pay

Discussing salaries is becoming increasingly less taboo. Employees are freely sharing their pay, bonuses, and equity–even going as far as crowdsourcing Excel sheets–dredging important information to the surface that many companies would rather keep confidential. The reason for such confidentiality? To avoid costly litigation if pay inequities are exposed.

DEC 15, 2020

9am PT / 12pm ET

Episode 6: Eradicating the Opportunity Gap for People of Color

In this episode, we'll discuss how companies can actively work to eradicate the opportunity gap for BIPOC.

NOV 17, 2020

9am PT / 12pm ET

Episode 5: Laying a Foundation of Workplace Equity

In this episode of Fairness at Work, Syndio CEO Maria Colacurcio, Rebekah Bastian, CEO of OwnTrail, and Susan Alban, Operating Partner at Renegade Partners, discuss the benefits of laying a foundation of workplace fairness early and how companies can bridge the gap between their values framework and operationalization.

OCT 28, 2020

9am PT / 12pm ET

Episode 4: Creating Transparency For Pay Policies & How It Creates Accountability
In this episode of Fairness at Work, Syndio CEO Maria Colacurcio, along with two guest panelists, will explore the controversial nature of pay transparency, what it actually means, and how it creates a layer of accountability that makes organizations better.

SEPT 29, 2020

9am PT / 12pm ET

EPISODE 3: Preventing Pay Equity Erosion in a COVID World
In this episode of Fairness at Work, Syndio CEO Maria Colacurcio, along with Lisen Stromberg (CEO and Founder, PrismWork) and Craig Sawyer (Professor & Director, Corley Institute for Diversity & Inclusion Education, Antonin Scalia Law School, George Mason University), discuss the urgent need to slow the backslide around pay equity due to the COVID pandemic.

AUG 26, 2020

9am PT / 12pm ET

EPISODE 2: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion In this episode of Fairness at Work, Syndio CEO Maria Colacurcio, along with Lionel Lee (Head of Diversity Engagement at Zillow Group) and Kim Vu (Global Head of Diversity, Equity + Inclusion at Remitly), will discuss how The Black Lives Matter movement has again brought DE&I front and center for many company leaders.

JUL 22, 2020

EPISODE 1: FAIRNESS IN THE REMOTE WORKPLACE In our first episode of Fairness at Work, Syndio CEO Maria Colacurcio, along with Brandon Gordon (Director of HR, NerdWallet) and Christina Hall (Strategic People Leader & Team Builder), will discuss maintaining pay equity in the new age of the remote workplace...



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